cpu fan speed very fast

  blueforever 18:58 08 Jun 2011

hi could anyone help me regarding my fan and heatsink my motherboard is a as rock g31m-gs prosessor is dual amd athalon64 for thepast week hte fan has been spinning very very fast i thought i shud clean it out which i did and renewd the thermal grease hasnt made any difference as soon as i boot up it goes full pelt straight away never used to do this can anyone help thanks gary

  ICF 19:38 08 Jun 2011

What temps are you getting? Your motherboard has CPU Quiet Fan.Is this enabled in the bios (see page 41 of the online manual)

  blueforever 20:58 08 Jun 2011

temp is showing mb 26c cpu 33c cpu fan speed3924 quiet fan enabled fan speed middle sorry my prossecor is intel pentium 4 thanks for your reply

  ICF 20:44 09 Jun 2011

What program are you using to get the temps?

  blueforever 18:27 10 Jun 2011

not using any programs thats just what it said in bios thanks for your reply gary

  ICF 18:49 10 Jun 2011

Do you have the following things visible in the bios

"Target CPU Temperature"

"Target Fan Speed"

  blueforever 19:29 10 Jun 2011

target cpu temp 50c target fan speed slow

  ICF 19:35 10 Jun 2011

Have you tried disabling it then rebooting then enabling it again and rebooting?

  blueforever 20:14 10 Jun 2011

havent mate not sure how to do that do you mean disable the fan or disable something else

  ICF 06:23 11 Jun 2011

In the bios disable CPU Quiet Fan save settings then allow pc to boot up then reboot and change back to enabled also check Target CPU Temperature & Target Fan Speed settings the allow to boot up.

  blueforever 07:17 12 Jun 2011

hi did try that last night didnt make any difference wonder if new fan or heat sink is needed

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