CPU Fan Speed Error

  Joe G 16:40 29 Apr 2012


When I turn on my PC I am getting a CPU Fan Speed error - going into the BIOS it shows the speed at the top end of the range and a rather disquieting burning symbol. I've had the error a few times now but the PC seems to run ok and it doesn't always come up - the PC is still only a few months old and under warranty so I can contact the seller but thought there may be a simple solution. Its a ASUS P8Z68V LE mobo and I'm running Win 7 with 8Gb RAM and a i5 processor

Cheers Joe G

  KRONOS the First 16:42 29 Apr 2012

Is it a stock cooler,the usual thing you get with a CPU or it it something better?

  Joe G 16:56 29 Apr 2012

Full spec here

Cooler Master Elite 430 Case

Intel Core i5 2500K Processor 3.30 GHz (No Overclocking)

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 CPU Cooler

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Asus P8Z68-V LE Motherboard

8GB Corsair PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3 Memory (2 x 4GB sticks)

Chillblast NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560Ti 1024MB Graphics Card

40GB Corsair Force Solid State Drive

1000GB 7200RPM Hard Disk

Sony 24x DVD-RW Drive

Xigmatek Premium Grade 500W PSU

Onboard High Definition Audio

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

  KRONOS the First 17:33 29 Apr 2012

I done this myself,a while ago I must admit, make sure that the fan connector is in the right socket on the motherboard. It is easy to put it in to a syst fan socket. On second thought yours is a new PC get the seller to sort it. That is a decent cooler may be a fan problem.

Nice PC by the way, very similar to my last build.Am saving for the Evga GTX 680 at the moment. I had a 64 GB SSD just upgraded to a 128 GB as the prices are pretty decent now.

  Joe G 17:54 29 Apr 2012

Thanks - I'd have to send it back for them to do it - will it be easy to spot where it should go if it is in wrong place? I've had a few problems with this PC unfortunately - faulty HDD, incompatible sound card, dodgy graphic card and now this. Having said that Chillblast were helpful in sorting things out.

Wish I had got a bigger SDD as not much room for anything other than OS!

  KRONOS the First 18:44 29 Apr 2012

I found that a 60GB or 64Gb was plenty for the operating and programs with around 15GB - 18GB to spare,so 40GB is a little low.

I have just looked at your mobo Manual and you have two CPU fan headers at the top right of your board. Ideally the connector should be in the header marked 1. Whilst you have the side off check the fan just to see if there is anything obviously amiss.

  retep888™ 18:45 29 Apr 2012

The assembler might have put the power wire onto the wrong connector if you look close to your motherboard, the Cha_Fan connector is right next to the CPU power connector.

If he did then it'll certainly give you the error message but your PC will be fine but just saying that the fan isn't spinning at the correct speed therefore overheating.

But if the connection is correct then it's time again for it to go back.

  KRONOS the First 18:57 29 Apr 2012

retep888™ thanks I must use the zoom function more often with my eyesight,LOL, as the mobo does not have two CPU headers as you quite rightly say the other one is Cha_Fan which of course is Chassis fan.

  Joe G 21:00 29 Apr 2012

Thanks - I'll have a look at that tomorrow - I've just started the PC up again and no message this time - seems to be intermittent

  KRONOS the First 23:01 29 Apr 2012

Never ignore an intermittent fault as it normally gets worse and of course be harder or expensive to fix.

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