the CPU fan run so fast

  bibo1465 11:20 14 Jul 2005

hi everyone

Please i need your help.

I have ASUS K8V SE deluxe motherboard,1 GB DDR memory,SP2,athlon64 3400+.

I am using program from ASUS software for the motherboard called(assusprob),it is to check the speed for the cpu fan, the cpu temperature,and the temperature for the motherboard.

My problem is the cpu fan run so fast,yesterday i was playing a game,i heard the cpu fan whinning so fast and i can feel the case vibrate,immediately i switch the game off ,I

used the (asus probe2) software, i found out the cpu fan was running 6300rpm.It never reach this speed before,because i played a lot of gamebefore,and this never happened.And found out the cpu temperature shootup to 150 degree centigrate,and the motherboard to 110 degree centigrate.

The cpu fan doesn't run so fast all the time,it runs fast randomly.

Immediately i switch the pc off,until next day.I have 2 small fan in the back of the case to keep the case cool,and dual fan for the hard disk to cool it as well.

Can you please give me your opinion about this and i would be so approaciated.

My kindest regards

  Aspman 12:19 14 Jul 2005

Games make the CPU work very hard and therefore it heats up. The temps you are suggesting are increadibly high. I hope they are not in centigrade.

Your cooler is just reacting to the hot CPU in the way it was designed to. If it is too noisey whehn you play game you may need to consider buying a quieter cooling system such as a Zalman.

Before that, when you machine is off and cooled down. remove your CPU cooler and check if the cooler has heat transfer paste on it. Also check there isn't too much. Check the plastic cover is off the bottom of the cooler (don't laugh I've seen it happen).

  Stuartli 12:39 14 Jul 2005

My PentiumIII 1GB Socket 370 CPU has been reaching up to 121 degrees F in recent days, against the more normal 95-97 degrees, with the CoolMaster fan reaching more than 5,000rpm at times.

The reason is not hard to find - very much higher air temperatures due to the good weather.

However, it has just dropped from 95 to 93 degrees (34 degrees C) whilst I checked, despite the fact that outside temperatures have risen quite a bit in the past hour.

If you are worried your Bios may contain the means to set a maximum temperature that the CPU can reach before being automatically closed down - mine is set to the level below its maximum of 80 degrees C.

As it never gets anywhere near such temperatures it is a useful safety margin even at this lower setting; it is also good protection if the fan fails.

  bibo1465 16:04 14 Jul 2005

hi Aspman:i would like to thank you all for the quick reply.Yes are right, i was wrong, I mean 150 F,not centigrate.I know the game makes the cpu works faster and hotter,but it is the first times it runs that speed.i even heard crack inside the case, i don't know from what.

Stuartli:thank you again,i will change the bios as you mentioned,to see what will happen.


  woodchip 16:23 14 Jul 2005

Yes you post should read F not "150 degree centigrade" your CPU would have cooked

  Stuartli 17:24 14 Jul 2005

..and not just the CPU...:-)

  Klof Ron 17:40 14 Jul 2005

Are the 'Cool 'n' Quiet" drivers installed, and properly configured. These are designed to operate at a quieter and cooler temp. only increasing as and when required. This could be the cause of the fluctuating fan speeds.

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