CPU fan noisy.

  Miros 05:59 03 Jul 2007

My PC has suddenly become very noisy, I think it's the CPU fan. It should shut down at 90 degrees, it's running constant and the CPU is only 40 Degrees, the system is at 29 degrees.

None of this makes much sense to me, can anyone help please.

  Miros 06:20 03 Jul 2007

It too noisy to leave running and I'm worried in case it will cause any damage, so I'll close down and come back later in the hope that someone can help.

  skidzy 06:44 03 Jul 2007

Sounds like your heatsink fan is failing,possibly a worn bearing.
Cheap enough to replace Miros.

  Gongoozler 07:08 03 Jul 2007

In most cases you can replace just the cpu fan and not the heatsink itself. That avoids having to disturb the heatsink compound to cpu seal and so is much safer.

  Miros 08:14 03 Jul 2007

Thanks. So do think it would it be best to try replacing the CPU fan first?

  Miros 08:15 03 Jul 2007

Could any harm come by leaving the PC running?

  Miros 08:26 03 Jul 2007

Are all CPU fans standard or do they differ PC to PC ?
As you can see from above I'm a bit clueless.

  Gongoozler 08:50 03 Jul 2007

"Could any harm come by leaving the PC running?" Not in the short term - only if the fan gets stuck. Keep monitoring the CPU temperature. I use MBM5 for this as it can put the temperature on the task bar click here

"Are all CPU fans standard or do they differ PC to PC?" They are fairly standard. Most are rectangular and held in place by 4 screws. It is often easier and no more expensive to buy a compatible heatsink and swap the fans over. What is the CPU in your computer and can you measure the overall size of your fan?

  Miros 09:22 03 Jul 2007

Downloaded MBMS but was clueless when asked which motherboard. My PC is an Acer so took a guess at one of them mentioned! ( think I made wrong choice) getting a reading of -64 celsius.

You will gather from that I'm also clueless about which CPU I have.

  Gongoozler 10:02 03 Jul 2007

Run Belarc Advisor click here. This should be able to tell you what motherboard you have.

  Miros 10:14 03 Jul 2007

I had done that since my last post and mine is not listed under ACER!

Think I'll close down and take case off and see if a bit of 'spring' cleaning will help.i.e. clean around the fans with vac etc.

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