CPU Fan fell off

  akzah 23:14 01 Jan 2007

My newish computer (bought in Sept) is having a major problem.

After moving house there was a little bang when I was on the pc, I switched the pc off and checked inside and I was horrified to see the CPU fan had fallen out of place.

That connectors which keep it in place don't seem to work (or I can't get back in securely).

Am I just being an idiot and can't put them back on or has something broken, is this common any step guides I can follow?


P.S I have built computers before but this one is just confusing me.

  woodchip 23:18 01 Jan 2007

Take it back to where you bought it from, as i do not know what type of fan or CPU. Socket A was clipped onto plastic hooks on the side of the CPU socket these may have broke off

  Totally-braindead 23:20 01 Jan 2007

Agree with woodchip, its less than a year old and if anything else is damaged it would be better to get them to fix it.

  akzah 23:23 01 Jan 2007

I got it from mesh, it was the cheapo warranty, dunno if that means I have to pay? anynbody have ideas if I do?

  spuds 23:30 01 Jan 2007

If its a Mesh, then contact [email protected] and ask his advice.

  akzah 23:38 01 Jan 2007

will do, sent a email and will try again with this cpu fan in daylight. Will keep you posted.


  Totally-braindead 23:46 01 Jan 2007

Regardless of whether it was a cheapo warranty or not it is still covered for a year under the Sale of Goods Act and the most it should cost would be the price of sending the computer back if you haven't chosen onsite warranty.

  akzah 01:01 02 Jan 2007

had a better look, and yes it seems the plastic hook on the mobo has snapped and thats why it does not stay in place.

Yes Totally-braindead I assume it would be those costs however £50 keeps coming to mind, not sure if it is that high!

  terryf 01:04 02 Jan 2007

You could also consider claiming off your house or removers insurance since it was damaged during the move? who packed and moved it?

  akzah 14:10 02 Jan 2007

I packed it, into the orginal mesh casing and it was secure and moved it in my car. However the fan falling ff did not occur till a few weeks of use after it.

  spuds 14:43 02 Jan 2007

Regarding claiming on insurance, many insurance companies now have a £100 excess, so in all possibilities, making a claim would not be cost effective or perhaps advisable.

Some credit card companies use to provide 'free' accidental cover, but even Barclaycard as now stopped this.

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