CPU Fan failure?

  cdb 23:11 16 Oct 2005

Should my processor fan be running all the time? (the big on on the big heat sink) I think it may have failed as it isn't and my pc is running very slow, which I suspect maybe due to the processor overheating.
Is there as fuse in the circuit or will it be a case of the fan has probably expired and just replace it?

Any suggestions/confirmations

Thank you

amd athalon 1900+ win xp

  Totally-braindead 23:18 16 Oct 2005

It should be running all the time, I would replace it ASAP and not use the PC until you've done it, the PC should shut down before it reaches the temperature that will blow the CPU but I'm a belt and braces person, wouldn't rely on the PC doing that, prefer to play safe.

  Belatucadrus 23:24 16 Oct 2005

The CPU fan usually connects direct to the motherboard and no it doesn't have a separate fuse. Even thermostatically controlled fans will spin all the time, so having one that doesn't is an indication that it's dead, replace it immediately as running a PC with a duff CPU cooler is an extremely bad idea as you could easily fry the chip.

  cdb 23:28 16 Oct 2005

Just to confirm, there's 2 fans on the motherboard and it's the much bigger one on the metal heat sink that's not running.

I'm going to get a new fan tomorrow assuming somewhere local stocks them.

Is there anything else I could check if the new fan doesn't work?

  Totally-braindead 23:31 16 Oct 2005

Check the plug that comes from the fan as Belatucadrus has mentioned and ensure it isn't loose. Apart from that just make sure you get the correct fan, suggest you take the fan off the heatsink and take it with you, you only need a CPU fan, you do not need to buy a new heatsink and fan. Do not remove the heatsink cdb, just the fan.

  cdb 23:35 16 Oct 2005

I've already had the fan off to look at it and it just screws dircectly into the heatsink, so I'll take it with me.

Cheers guys.

  cdb 16:07 17 Oct 2005

What an ordeal that was. Noone does the fan in the size I needed (60mm) I eventually got a 2nd hand one for nothing at the last shop left to try. It seems to be working so far (It's spinning anyway :D) and cpu temp is 47degsC.

According to Asus probe it's spinning at around 5400rpm, but power fan and chassis fan aren't registering even though they clearly are spinning. So I need to worry about this?

  Belatucadrus 16:11 17 Oct 2005

No, PSU & chassis fans rarely bother with an RPM sensor, as long as they're spinning you're OK.

  cdb 16:11 17 Oct 2005

Thank you

  cdb 16:13 17 Oct 2005

Sorry, Make that Thank you everyone

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