cpu fan fails on fitting new processor

  User-61B7C851-42EB-40DA-8A67764628F8C649 22:25 27 Mar 2006

I fitted a new processor which booted to bios and windows once, when subsequently switched on machine will not boot at all, the cpu fan starts as I switch on but stops within seconds. Removed new processor and put back old one and cpu fan starts fine and system boots normally. I'd like to use my new processor can anyone suggest how I can get it going. i've checked that new processor is compatible with motherboard.

  DieSse 22:53 27 Mar 2006

The system is not booting at all - something is switching it off right away - this is why the fan stops.

Maybe you have the wrong processor for the board

or The processor is faulty

or The PSU is not sufficient for the new processor.

can you tell us the two processors in question and the motherboard model.

This can happen when trying to fit a Pentium "Prescott" processor into a motherboard that will only run "Northwood" (an earlier version) processors, for instance.

  phono 23:39 27 Mar 2006

Did you use a new heatsink/fan for the new CPU? If not are you sure the old one was suitable for your new CPU?

Also, did you use fresh thermal compound when fitting the heatsink and did you remove all traces of the old compound if you used the original one?

Thanks for you comments, the motherboard model is an ECS P6bap-Me socket 370, the old processor is a Celeron ppga 600mhz the new is a pentium 3 866mhz.(I know its very old). I did not replace the heatsink and fan but did renew the thermal pad having cleaned off the old.

  woodchip 21:32 28 Mar 2006

The fan is not cooling the CPU as it should. You need a better one

  DieSse 22:30 28 Mar 2006

The 800MHz P3 was only released as a "Coppermine" version, as was the 600MHz Celeron (as far as i can discover looking through Wikipedia articles on the web.

The motherboard supports both processors (and even faster versions click here

The P3 was a very stable and solid processor, and running it with an old fan is very unlikely to damage it - certainly not that quickly IMO.

So I would personally conclude that you have a faulty processor.

BTW the bus speed and multiplier are different for theses two processors - but would normally be set automatically by the processor chip itself.

Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. I've a feeling I may have a faulty processor. I had it a few weeks before trying to use it but will try to return it to the supplier.

  Stuartli 22:59 29 Mar 2006

I have a Pentium3 866MHz Socket 370 CPU and fan if you can't find a replacement if it's of any interest?

  Stuartli 23:04 29 Mar 2006

The reason I have it is that I had an Elite P6BXT-A+ motherboard (the first with both a Slot1 and Socket 370 facility) which I used with a Celeron 400MHz and then a 550MHz Slot1 Pentium.

I bought the PentiumIII only to discover that the Socket 370 would only accept Celeron processors and the Pentium was therefore a No-No.

I did get a 370 Slocket from the US but it required six jumper pins and I only got three - because the jumper pins were an unusual size I couldn't find any more anywhere...:-(

  ed-0 23:14 29 Mar 2006

What are your jumper settings for JP4 and JP5 click here. have you tried pins 1 + 2 covered on JP4 and pins 2 + 3 covered on JP5 ? click here

Also has JP6 got a jumper on or are the pins bare?

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