cpu fan does not work properly

  mattbell1975 15:49 02 Jan 2003
  mattbell1975 15:49 02 Jan 2003

i get the message cpu fan does not work properly every time i try and install a new better cru cooler everytime i go back to my old one it works fine first i tried a heatpipe (coolermaster) and then i tried an artic copper silent and both gave me the same message what am i doing wrong??? i know how to put on thermal paste and ive been using artic silver any ideas???

  mattbell1975 15:52 02 Jan 2003

forgot to say duron 1000 win xp and a jetway m/b

  mattbell1975 15:59 02 Jan 2003

anyone?????? help

  duplo 16:01 02 Jan 2003

where does the message come up?

  €dstow 16:03 02 Jan 2003

Is it really not working or it is just a message that tells you it's not?

Is the fan operating?

Can you measure the temperature of the CPU?

If you can, is it reasonable?

I think it's something in your system telling you porkies. It's most unlikely that 3 separate fan systems would be faulty like you say.


  DieSse 16:09 02 Jan 2003

What message are you getting, and when/where are you getting it??

  VoG™ 16:10 02 Jan 2003

Try MBM click here

This monitors fan speeds and CPU temp

  mattbell1975 16:17 02 Jan 2003

its shutting off my system i get the message at boot up with loads of beeps and then shuts down on it own.....so i cant even get onto see how fast its spinning it does spin however two fans wont work and theyre both brand new my older fan that is in the system works ok......

  mattbell1975 16:20 02 Jan 2003

however my older fan and older cooler are to put it lightly rubbish and i want to upgrade you see

  mattbell1975 16:25 02 Jan 2003

any ideas???

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