CPU fan

  professor 23:10 23 May 2003

hey all

im going to get a new fan - a cooler master Xdream fan to be exact as my current fan in nowhere near good enough my CPU can reach dangerously high hights of 60c (XP 1800+ clocked to a rounded off figure of 1.6GHz) so before i go and shell out £30 on a friggin fan can anyone tell me if they have the cooler master Xdream or if they know in general,can the Xdream take my CPU temp down to say 35c\40c?


  The Spires 23:13 23 May 2003

Do you have a seperate fan to remove air besides your PSU fan, also you need to have incoming air.

  The Spires 23:18 23 May 2003

click here LN3287 Coolermaster HCC 002 Socket A/P3/FCPGA Delta Heat Sink & Fan (6800 RPM) £8.52, nice fan keeps mine around 45c. Not many bucks.

  professor 23:26 23 May 2003

ive got a case mounted fan at the back so while my CPU can cool the fan at the back of my case sucks the air out and ive also removed some back plates too.


  keith-236785 23:29 23 May 2003

i too have a 1800+ not overclocked,with a cooler master fan, it runs at about 59c so yours is not too bad, one web site i went on quoted the max temp was 92 or 93c save your money mate, i dont think you will have a problem.

  The Spires 23:33 23 May 2003

Just my opinion but removing back plates will cause the air to short circuit and not go anywhere near your CPU & make matters worse, you need to make sure you have a flow of air across your CPU if possible, also have you decent heat sink paste on your existing heat sink to allow the heat to transfer effectively. From what I have seen most CPU overheat problems are caused by stale hot air being re-circulated inside a case.

  professor 23:35 23 May 2003

cheers 4 the fan spires but i wanna get an ultimate fan as soon i will b installing my new components an i'll need the uber-fan(XP300+ 1GB PC3200 RAM and Radeon 9800pro)


in case ur wondering this fan is worth it..just. its got a copper base and silent fan along with 6800rpm 37.6 CFM combine all this with premium compound and it should keep everything hunky-dory


  The Spires 23:38 23 May 2003


  The Spires 23:47 23 May 2003

I to reiterate the point, effective ventilation of anything means enabling fresh air in and stale hot air out, whatever super duper CPU fan you fit, if it's just moving hot air around will not improve your CPU temperature. Hence my CPU temp is around 35-45c with a cheapo fan with AMD 2000-XP under load.

  MartinT-B 09:17 24 May 2003

I concur with Spires.

Cases are designed to direct airflow. Adding extra holes by either removing the Backplate, opening the side panel or drilling holes in the case (I've actually seen that one!) will NOT improve cooling. They will make it WORSE.

I am using a Thermalright SLK 800 which comes without a fan, I bought the YS-TECH FD8125 SILENT 80mm fan, which only pushes 27cfm.

I have an Athlon T'bred 2400+. Current CPU is 38c with my PC slightly overclocked.

It's running at 333FSB instead of 266FSB to match the PC2700 RAM.

  Rayuk 10:15 24 May 2003

The SLK-800 is top notch but about £45 without fan.Uses 80mm fan so less rpm less noise but high cfm.
Have had 60mm at 6000+ lie sitting next to a vacuum cleaner that didnt last long.

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