laurie53 09:43 06 Sep 2008

My CPU fan seems to running faster and longer lately (Centrino Duo in a Tosh Satellite U200).

Is this likely to be as a result of recently upgraded memory, or should I be looking for a more significant cause?

  johndrew 10:07 06 Sep 2008

I wouldn`t have thought the increase in RAM would cause this. In fact possibly the opposite.

Are you making it work harder - doing more CPU intensive tasks?

Whilst your working, open Task Manager, select Processes and click on the CPU tab until the highest use is shown. This will tell you what is using the CPU most. You should also get a small window in the right hand side of the Taskbar which will indicate CPU use.

You could also download something like Everest Home click here which will allow you to view the CPU temperature and fan speed.

  €dstowe 10:07 06 Sep 2008

It may be that the fan or the fins on the heatsink are collecting excessive dust and becoming less efficient at removing the heat generated. Have a look at them and perhaps give them a brush or blast of compressed air to clean them up.

  laurie53 16:30 06 Sep 2008

Thanks for the responses.

Haven't changed usage much, and have not noticed much difference or high loads using Task Manager. Tried downloading a couple of sensors but the mobo doesn't seem to support them.

The Tosh is a bit restricted even by notebook standards so it's difficult to check the fan and heatsink. No sign of dust round the external vents and gills.

Of course, it may not be the CPU fan that I can actually hear; I'm not as familiar with notebooks as I am with PCs, and it may just be a general cooling fan.

I think I may temporarily revert the memory and see if the fan activity slackens off.

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