Bioshox 14:45 04 Aug 2008

Hey, I have a custom gaming rig with 1 Rear Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1'000, 1x Side Fan, 1x Front Fan.

Is the CPU Fan supposed to start when the computer is started, or only when it is needed?
Or is there an option to change this?

The CPU is a Quad Core AMD Phenom 2.2GHz

  nosharpe 15:05 04 Aug 2008

Yes, I would think so

  Ditch999 15:07 04 Aug 2008

Check your CPU temps with HWMonitor click here to make sure its not overheating.
My AMD sometimes gives me a bios error as the cpu fan is less than 800rpm at start up and I have Cool n Quiet enabled.

  Jim_F 15:08 04 Aug 2008

It is possible for the CPU fan speed to be controlled by temperature sensors in the bios, circuitry attached to the fan and heatsink or by programs like Speedfan it all depends on the hardware.

In most cases fans start of at full speed and then slow down as temperature management functionality (fan and processor speed) cuts in.

  woodchip 15:49 04 Aug 2008

The CPU that you are using will produce next to no heat

  Bioshox 15:53 04 Aug 2008

Here is a print screen of CPUID Hardware Something...

click here

Do they seem average?

  woodchip 15:55 04 Aug 2008

they look OK to me

  woodchip 15:56 04 Aug 2008

Is the PC acting up or what

  Bioshox 15:57 04 Aug 2008

No, I was just wondering about it

I didnt know what the average temp's were

And someone told me the CPU fan is not ment to kick up unless needed, therfore i dont have enough fans on the system
But i have 3 Case Fans, 1 CPU Fan, 1 PSU fan...

  €dstowe 18:45 04 Aug 2008

Remember that the fans have to be placed correctly in a computer case. It's no use just bunging in a load of fans and hoping for the best as you may have the airflows from each fan in conflict resulting in just the churning around of the same hot air inside the case.

  mrwoowoo 19:16 04 Aug 2008

No matter how many fans you have in your case,the CPU fan will always be on.
The CPU generates a lot of heat which can only be cooled by a direct heatsinc and fan set up.
At idle the fan won't have to work so hard,so with cool and quite it will run slower.
If you tried running it with the fan off,you wouldn't get much past the boot stage before it shut down.
Whoever told you it doesn't kick in until needed was talking a load of twaddle.
Perhaps he was confused with the change in speeds using cool and quite as you can hear the fan increasing rpm's when the cpu is getting hotter.

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