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hello again, if you have seen my previous posts, you will know that i had a game trying to find a quiet effective cpu hsf, i found one and it works a little too well, i want to know if there is a way to turn the fan down or off with my bios, the fan has a manual adjuster at the back of my case, it is turned to minimum, but i can hear it all the time, and it still speeds up a little under load, which i believe is amd cool and quiet as it doesnt reach the temps at which my bios would change the speed, could i unplug it and watch the temps? too risky? or turn it down? any ideas gratefully recieved.
akasa evo 120
amd 64 5200 x2

temps @ idle
core0 14c
core1 15c

temps @ load
core0 26c
core1 28c

temps with amd hsf (to the best of my memory)
core0 39c
core1 41c

core0 58c
core1 60c

amd have advised me the optimum temps for this chip 55c/77c, and i hate fan noise!
thanks adam

with cpu fan sensor turned off

cpu fan sensor (off)
case fan sensor (on)

fan control (on) can i turn off?

start acceleration 48c
max speed 68c

these are the default setting for my chip but with the stock cooler

asus a8n mobo
award 6.0 bios

oh and fan votage at idle 4.5 volts on a table which starts at 4 volts rising to 12 volts, not sure if this is the case fan or cpu?
sorry i think thats all!

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