CPU dead: fuse ok, cable ok; what next?

  mco 11:35 19 Feb 2006

Please help: Children's 4 year old e-machines cpu won't switch on at all - I changed the fuse in plug and tried a different cable but still no joy. I'm not averse to opening up box and looking for any other 'hidden' fuses if there are any as it's way past its guarantee. The broadband modem for our home network is attached to it - hence I'm still on internet on laptop as I write this -so I don't really want to take it to repair shop unless absolutely necessary. Thanks!

  Fellsider 12:01 19 Feb 2006

I know this might sound silly but.... Is there a switch on the unit and has it accidentally been switched off?

  mco 12:08 19 Feb 2006

at all - I once posted a problem where I got no sound at all on laptop only then to discover that my volume was muted! This time however, I'm a bit wiser. The switch to switch on the 'tower' comes on with a green light when working properly - when I switch it on now there's no green light and just a standby message on the monitor which is still working

  Fellsider 12:25 19 Feb 2006

Afraid it looks like time to open up the box.

Look for loose connectors and as you say hidden fuse.

You say you don't want to go to a repair shop. If you can find a local small shop, explain the position and say that you only want to know what the fault is before you decide whether to buy a new one. I'm sure they will be reasonable.

  DrScott 12:39 19 Feb 2006

I'd check the socket the computer is plugged into too... just to make sure it's definitely not working at the PC end.

Otherwise it's likely either the PSU has died, or possibly the mother board has given up the ghost. Both of those can easily be checked at a repair shop. Alternatively you could buy, or borrow from another PC, the PSU and swap the two round. That would then tell you whether the PSU or Mobo is responsible - the green light will tell you if there is power to the mobo or not.

Good luck!

  mco 12:49 19 Feb 2006

I'll be back!

  Harpur 13:40 19 Feb 2006

it could simply be the power supply needs replacing

  mco 14:02 19 Feb 2006

We had great fun taking it apart (not finding any fuses or loose wires) and putting it back together again. Still no joy and I think it could well just be the power supply unit. I'm presuming that's the box into which you plug in the other end of your pc cable? We took that out and looked at it. They don't seem expensive but do you have to get exactly the right model for yours or is replacing the power supply unit ourselves a fairly easy job?

  Forum Editor 14:10 19 Feb 2006

A new PSU isn't expensive, and it's fairly easy to replace, but before you do that, you might want to get the machine checked out.

I have a client who has a few of these computers on a small office network, and we recently had two instances that were identical to yours. In both cases I discovered that the motherboards were defunct, and once they were replaced the computers fired up as before.

  mco 14:15 19 Feb 2006

I thought (being an absolute beginner!) that if the motherboard has gone but the power supply was ok you'd still get a green light coming on although it wouldn't boot up? My assumption that it's the power supply is based on the fact that it's utterly dead. I don't know what to do now, as my local repair shop charges £30 for checking it out yet power supplies for me to put in myself wouldn't be that much different. I'm in a dilemma!

  Superstylin 14:35 19 Feb 2006

hi mco, i'm a novice when it comes to computers but managed easily to replace a dead psu. as long as you choose a psu with the same wattage (or better if you plan to upgrade your pc in the future) then all it really takes is the unscrewing of four screws and remembering where all the cables go to (or better still drawing a diagram of cable places) and plugging them all back in from the new psu.

what wattage is the original psu? i remeber mine as being 250w and i only paid £15 for a replacement.

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