CPU cooler for antec cube case

  wallabe 16:07 09 Nov 2004

I have just built a cube system using the Antec Aria case. All is working fine but I am a bit disturbed at the temperature the cpu runs at. On idle it is 64 degrees and goes up to 70 under stress. The cpu is an AMD athlon 2800 and I have an AKASA AK-786 cooler installed. The problem is I only want a quiet fan (30db or less) and due to the restricitons of the power supply being over the cpu socket the cooler/fan unit MUST BE less than 65mm high.

Anyone have any recommendations I would be very grateful.

  wallabe 16:12 09 Nov 2004

I meant to say I took the thermal pad off and lapped the heatsink and buffed it with metal polish until it was mirror like. Then I used AKASA hi-spec AK-450 silver based thermal compound.

  Belatucadrus 18:07 09 Nov 2004

30db or less and under 65mm, as all but one of the AMD quiet fans I can find is over 69mm. I don't think you have much choice Zalman do some where the fan is recessed in the body of the heat exchanger, click here not cheap but fits the specification.

  wallabe 19:53 09 Nov 2004

Unfortunately to fit the Zalman requires 4 holes around the cpu and my motherboard does not have that. I have checked through all the usual sites and manufacturers (coolermaster, zalman, thermaltake etc) and cant find any that fit my requirements either. I shall carry on looking, unless someone knows of such a beast. If I cant find one I may try to change the fan (15mm high) to an 18mm one and hope the extra air flow will cool a little more. The temps are within AMD specs but seem a bit high to me.

Cheers anyway Belatucadrus.

  Dorsai 20:06 09 Nov 2004

If you cant change the CPu fan/Heatsink, what about the option of case fans?

If you cant improve the CPU cooler, make sure it has cooler air to work with.

After all, if the PC was in a air tight box, the whole lot would self combust, regardless of the fan/heatsink on the CPU.

The heat has to be got off the CPU. But the next step is to get the hot air out of the case.

  wallabe 20:30 09 Nov 2004


I have one pci slot cooler, it came with the antec case. It actually made very little difference (maybe 2 degrees) but does not seem to be pushing much air out. Mind you the case is 20 degrees lower than the cpu at 43 degrees. If I can't find another solution I may add another one or try a different pci cooler. There is no provision for the normal 80mm type exhaust fans on the Antec case so that is not an option.


  Dorsai 21:39 09 Nov 2004

2 degree wont help much, i agree.

Apart from the use of heat pipes/thermal mega flats, to move the heat fast, i will go and cook my dinner, and hope my subconcious can think of somthing.

can you post a link to the case/cube you have got, so i have an idea of what you are workin with?

  Belatucadrus 00:55 10 Nov 2004

click here Q-tec website claims 27db and it looks shallow click here , but unfortunately no actual dimensions quoted. May be worth an e-mail.

  wallabe 09:41 10 Nov 2004


The case I have is the Antec Aria and link is
click here

I really like the case as it is small, apparently a bit bigger than the Shuttle and is pushed as being quiet as the power supply has a 120mm fan and the panels are insulated. That is important to me but also you can fit any miniATX form factor motherboard unlike the shuttles. End of advert.


I had looked at that cpu but as you say not dimensions. It certainly looked as if it would fit and is cheap enough for me to try if I dont see an alternative.

Thanks to both of you.

  Belatucadrus 20:30 10 Nov 2004

click here 21dba only 55mm high click here

  wallabe 09:36 11 Nov 2004

That is an excellent choice. Don't know how I missed that one but anyway I'm very grateful to you.

Cooling shop is out of stock for the socket A version but I notice that it is in stock elsewhere click here if anyone else needs a similar spec cooler quickly. I'm in no immediate rush but will certainly try it in a few weeks time.

Thanks Belatucadrus.


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