cpu am i on right track?

  blueboy2uk 20:06 02 May 2005

right i have been havint problems in getting a new cpu to run , think its all down to the power supply, the one in there allready hasnt got any markings but it looka as cheap as chips dont even think its over 300w so i am going to get a ATX one that is recomended to run P4 intel my mother board has not got a 4 pin connecter to run in more power , i am thinking on getting a 500w power supply and a adjustable cooling heatsink for the new cpu someone told me to start up the new cpu with a bootable windows floppy for the first time but i havent got one can i download one? , i am changing a celeron 2,8
for a P4 2.80 i know my mother board supports prescott and the chip is 533 fsb 478 pin i have allready upgreaded my bios to a higher one that the chip needs, my mother board is a asrokc m266a,3.0x does the above details look ok to you if not i am open to ideas.


  mattyc_92 20:08 02 May 2005

Do you Power Supply Unit?? (PSU for short)

  blueboy2uk 20:35 02 May 2005

yes PSU not the mains power

  gudgulf 22:04 02 May 2005

Hi blueboy2uk.......When you buy your new psu make sure you buy a decent quality one rather than the most powerful available for your money.Brands such as Tagan and Antec spring to mind.A good 350w psu can deliver better performance than a cheap 500w generic unit.I think you may just be unlucky with the positioning of the psu label in your original case...sometimes they are on the top of the unit out of sight.Why not see if you can remove it or slide it out of it's mountings before dashing off to the shops.It would be a good idea to know what you have now before you part with any cash.

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