CPU alarm at 45 degrees celcius

  sleepy01 12:12 17 May 2008

Hi, ive just put together a system and am looking at temperature to make sure alls good. Im using Asus probe 2 and when my CPU temperature hits 45c i get a warning bleep so is 45c just a default 'safe', ive checked the specs and an E8400 can hit up to 70c so is it simply a case of changing the threshold on the software to 65-70c before warning comes on or is it trying to tell me something else?
Help much appreciated

  Rob_08 12:17 17 May 2008

Set it to 60ºC Thats a pretty good default and you dont want it going over that really.

  northernscum 12:24 17 May 2008

have you tried coretemp it gives a better reading click here

  sleepy01 12:32 17 May 2008

yeah ive tried core temp and real temp, both are said to give an accurate reading yet they vary by up to 8 degres c, logic tells me to play safe and go with the higher figure.

  northernscum 12:48 17 May 2008

coretemp and realtemp sometimes give a different tj max reading so that might be why but i would not worry about the temp you are getting(45c).i have a q6600 and when run on prime95 i get about 50c to 55c after 2 hours average your well below the max

  I am Spartacus 12:56 17 May 2008

Note click here about the temperature sensors on the E8XXX CPUs. I also have an Asus motherboard and the Probe software seems to be overeading by 10-15ºC

  Rob_08 12:58 17 May 2008

My Q9300 also hits around 55c with Prime95 stressing it, its a great tool and will push your CPU more than any game.
Get it here.
click here

  sleepy01 13:09 17 May 2008

Yeah both probe and Coretemp gives an idle of around 40c while realtemp gives around 30c, im not looking to o/clock the cpu it should do what i want for now at least. Im just making sure the system is stable before i push it by running any system intensive games/software on it.
I'll move the threshold up as posted above, 45c default seems very low and just run some experiments and monitor it, im sure alls good with PC. Im simply making sure as its the first ive built.

  northernscum 13:12 17 May 2008

np sleepy01 goodluck. give prime 95 a go for making sure your stable

  sleepy01 13:33 17 May 2008

thx for prime95 link, havent looked at this one yet but sounds like a good tester, will have a go bit later, footy on soon and yep im from Cardiff :)
Thx for the help guys :) really appreciated

  Stuartli 13:40 17 May 2008

You may be able to set the warning level in the Bios - my Athlon XP 3200+ has a cut off point set of 70 degrees C (maximum permissible is 85 degrees C).

Occasionally reach 68-69 degrees C in hot weather but never had a cut off yet.

Also have Motherboard Monitor running in the Notification tray.

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