Cpu %

  hiwatt 11:29 20 Jul 2007

Hi folks,I've noticed today that when I have an internet page opened(using firefox)that my cpu is fluctuating between 23% and 99% but when I close firefox down it goes to 0%.I don't ever remeber seeing it this high,any ideas what could be causing it?Thanks.

  [email protected] 11:42 20 Jul 2007

look on task manager to see whats using the cpu (ctrl alt &del) and post back

  hiwatt 13:29 20 Jul 2007

It's actually firefox that's using all the cpu up.When I close it it goes down to 0%

  johndrew 13:49 20 Jul 2007

As you load and use any program it will use large amounts of CPU for various periods. With a browser it will depend on the page you load. Mine will go to near 100% as I change pages but then stabilise after loading.

  hiwatt 14:56 20 Jul 2007

Ok thanks for that.It's just that it's never been that high before,not that I've ever noticed but it does as you say change from site to site and go down a bit when the page has loaded.Thanks

  umbongo(uk) 16:13 20 Jul 2007

another thing hiwatt

depends on your computer

there are diffrent factors involed say you were using a 1.5 ghz comp
with 128mb memorey and using onboard graphic
+using windows xp this would be a cause for the proccessor doing all the work as it has to switch between running the onboard grfx proccesing the browser program all the background programs running in windows as mainly the proccessoer is taking the burden plus remember if there are flash objects it will be having to do all this and keep refreshing the image info coming in and out

only when you have more ram would the cycles be reduced
and reduced even more if a dedicated grafix card is installed

like i say not knowing what system you have will depend on how much the proccesor has to do when a program is running

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