cpu 2.8 or 2.5 athlon?

  handy4x 15:37 08 Aug 2004

i want to upgrade my cpu and was just about to part with my cash for an xp2500 as it is said to be very good and overclockable but i see that ebuyer has a2.8 barton for only £7 more any one know whitch is best buy

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:08 08 Aug 2004

Upgrading a CPU rarely makes any noticeable difference so I would go for the quickest/cheapest. Personally I would put more RAM in and forget about the CPU.


  safemode 17:20 08 Aug 2004

gandalf, depends what you have originally.

going for a 1ghz cpu to a 2ghz does make a niticeable difference, depending on what you use the machine for.

i take it you never upgrade your cpu then?

your 386 still running ok?

ram upgrade usually more noticeable then CPU.

  Legolas 17:33 08 Aug 2004

I agree with GANDALF <|:-)> the rule of thumb is to make any real noticable difference you have got to double your CPU speed so I would have a look at adding more RAM as already stated.

  Mister Splendid©® 17:36 08 Aug 2004

Athlon xp cpus are so cheap now I would fit the fastest you can afford. Together with extra ram, you should get a very noticeable improvement. If you are still using a 5400rpm hdd don't underestimate the improvement you can get by upgrading to a 7200rpm hdd.

  handy4x 20:56 08 Aug 2004

i already have 1gig of ram and a xp2000 cpu and 7500 hdd i am building a pc out of old bits i have but i dont have a cpu so i thought i would buy a new one for my normal use pc and use the other one in the new one thank you for your help

  TomJerry 21:06 08 Aug 2004

The best AMD chip favoured by overclock crazies is Athlon XP-M (Mobile) 2500, i.e. the chip designed for Laptop. Unlike Intel, AMD's laptop CPU use the same sockt as desktop one, so mobile CPU can be used for desktop.

Make sure you can change FSB frequency, Core Voltage and multiplier with your motherboard if you want to do overclock. Mobile XP-M 2500 can be easily overclocked to XP 3200 equivelent without change cooling, with better cooling, it can be overclocked even further. Search internet, you will find a lot of successful story.

The desktop version of 2500 and 2800 are not good for overclock (since July 2003) because all chips' multipliers are locked since July 2003. Without the change of multiplier, the potential of overclocking is limited.

  handy4x 21:21 08 Aug 2004

very interesting the motherboard is msi kt3 ultra3
so i can overclock if i want to but the case is small so overheating may be a problem but it runs at about 42 degrees at the moment so i maybe beter geting the 2800 ???
desisions desisions

  TomJerry 21:30 08 Aug 2004

Not cooling problem if you are not pushing much.

  carver 21:50 08 Aug 2004

If you play any sort of games then go for the 2500 as TomJerry has said because you will notice a difference with a CPU such as the 2500 overclocked to 3200 .And that XP-M2500 works at a lower voltage so heat shouldn't be a problem.

  handy4x 07:06 09 Aug 2004

ok guys thanks a lot any one know who has a 2500xpm in stock and at what price

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