Rosemi 13:34 14 Oct 2005

My question to you techies is around the working of a CPU.

Can a CPU be erratic and work sometimes or should it either or work or not work.

The CPU was working and then I changed the heatsink & fan (placed right way around) and now it did not boot up. I had problems with another PC and assumed the CPU was dead but then it worked once in the PC and then did not work after?


  woodchip 13:53 14 Oct 2005

The only thing that could make that way is a bad connection on CPU or Motherboard. I have been watching your other thread

  woodchip 14:12 14 Oct 2005

PS By forcing the Heatsink you may have cracked the board Print near the CPU

  amonra 14:47 14 Oct 2005

It's very easy for the hand to slip whilst pressing down to fit the heatsink tabs. Did you use a sharp pointed blade or screwdriver ???
I speak from experience. I "murdered" a brand new mobo by slipping with a screwdriver. There's no easy way of finding out without replacing ....

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