simonsup 19:44 08 Sep 2005

Hi is the amd xp cpu & the amd sempron cpu the same format, ie, are both socket a and will the sepron fit into a socket a mobo as well as the xp cpu?

  Thalmus 20:20 08 Sep 2005

Yes and yes, both use socket A

click here

  Totally-braindead 20:36 08 Sep 2005

I don't think thats right, it appears to me that AMD are producing 2 Semprons a socket 754 one and a socket A. Watch which one you buy. The XP processors are all socket A but are very differcult to get now. Wait till someone confirms what I have said is correct but looking here for example click here you will se there are 2 listings, one for socket A and one for socket 754 and they are different prices.

  dan11 20:51 08 Sep 2005

they are more than one type of sempron. You MUST get the correct pin version and you MUST check that the motherboard will accept a sempron.

  Thalmus 20:54 08 Sep 2005

Sorry sould have been more specfic, the sempron does indeed come in 2 versions, the socket A and 754.

The socket A supports Athlon Xp and the Sempron.

The socket 754 suportos Sempron and AMDs 64 bit chips.

If you are thinking of replacing the Xp with a sempron then make sure you get the Socket A flavour.

  dan11 20:56 08 Sep 2005

Semprons come in pin 939, pin 754 and socket A.

  Totally-braindead 21:08 08 Sep 2005

Never seen a 939 one but theres your answer simonsup, if you want to replace a socket A XP processor with a Sempron you can BUT you must make sure you buy a socket A one and not a 754 one. If you want to upgrade your processor you'd better go to your motherboard manufacturers website and see if it'll accept it before you buy. And check the BIOS number it needs as you may need to flash the BIOS.

  dan11 21:55 08 Sep 2005

"Never seen a 939 one "

Sempron 3000+ pin 939 running in this machine. lol

  simonsup 22:44 08 Sep 2005

thanks guys

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