CPU @ 100% - Think I know WHY!!

  AngeTheHippy 08:54 09 Sep 2009

Morning Chaps,

I use Thunderbird as my email client, I have 8 mailboxes all pop. I've noticed a few times the past couple of weeks it's 'hung' when downloading messages to one of the mailboxes. As (I thought) a coincidence, that the CPU is working at 100% - now this puts me in a panic, as I think it's too much. I've just closed T'bird as it's hung again, then gone into Task Manager - and yes, it's at 100% - there's a 'resource manager' bar on task manager with CPU/Disc/Network and Memory fields. Loking at the CPU field, it appears that AVG Email scanner is using average 97% CPU!!!

What do ya think?? I've just closed AVG in the sys tray BUT looking at resource manager again it appears that AVG email scanner is STILL working! Don't understand this...


  birdface 08:59 09 Sep 2009

Maybe make sure AVG mail scanner is not checking outgoing mail.

  AngeTheHippy 09:05 09 Sep 2009

mail at the mo, buteman. SHOULD it scan mail when I've closed BOTH AVG and T/bird applications??


  birdface 10:10 09 Sep 2009

Maybe if there is mail stuck in the outbox it will still scan.You don't use Virginmedia do you.
I use e-prompter with Incredimail and sent a couple of important messages in the last two day and they were never received.They were stuck in the outbox if you can call it that with E-prompter.
Managed to change one of the setting in it this morning and have it working again.
Switching off AVG does not seem to work.I had to download something last week and it said make sure there are no programs running and switched AVG off and as soon as I started running the other program AVG popped up with a warning.So just switching it off on the toolbar does not work.

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