CPU 100% - Mainly taskmgr.exe

  beaky43 23:18 01 Apr 2009

Running Vista Home with 2.1 Ghz, the CPU is constantly 100% - most of which is taskmgr.exe. Any suggestions how I can check what taskmgr is doing and why? I have disabled all startup via msconfig and very little difference. Hence laptop is running very very slowly.

  brundle 23:27 01 Apr 2009

Task Manager/taskmgr.exe is the self-same program you're using to see the list of tasks - it won't be running when you're not looking at the list (unless you have it minimized and running in the system tray). Are you sure you have the correct process name?

  beaky43 00:00 02 Apr 2009

The Laptop is extremely slow whether task manager is running or not. When I run task manager the top 5 would be taskmgr.exe 69%, dwm.exe 16%, svchost.exe 10% and a few others - this obviously changes a lot but usually task manager appears to be using the majority of the CPU. I cannot see what else could be using up the processor. Any suggestions of other means of checking?

  brundle 00:07 02 Apr 2009

Does taskmgr.exe processor percentage change if you change the size of the task manager window? How much memory does the machine have? Are you running the full Aero desktop with all the transparency effects etc?

  beaky43 00:20 02 Apr 2009

Task manager size does not change CPU useage. Laptop has 1GB RAM. I have Power Saver on but note that Aero desktop is on - can this be switched off? How?

  brundle 00:24 02 Apr 2009

click here

I usually turn it all off and use Windows Classic. Looks dull but the eye candy soon gets old. Allows a laptop to concentrate on more important tasks too.

Then use Process Explorer for a more detailed look at what your processor is doing; click here

  beaky43 00:38 02 Apr 2009

I have removed the Aero facility and the CPU has dropped considerably. Looks like that was most of the problem - many thanks

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