CPU at 100% constantly

  toadoftoadhall 04:16 11 Jun 2004

I have two questions;

Firstly, will my CPU running at 100% constantly cause any damage to it?

Secondly, is there any way I can stop it from doing so?

I've run Spybot, Adaware and done a fully up-to-date NAV scan, yet it's still at 100% use from the second I boot up.

I'm running Win98Se on a PIII 500

Any ideas?

  Dan the Confused 04:26 11 Jun 2004

I just posted a possible solution on your last thread.

  toadoftoadhall 04:36 11 Jun 2004

... but I've tried all that and it's still at 100%.

Am I right in thinking if it's not a Windows program hogging the CPU, it might be a DOS one?

I've actually noticed that when typing this reply, my cursor is not just blinking regularly but is flickering too, as if something is running in the background. I wonder if that has anything to do with this...

  Dan the Confused 04:37 11 Jun 2004

Have you installed anything since the usage problem started?

  toadoftoadhall 04:39 11 Jun 2004

I recently "upgraded" from Correct Connect to Broadband Medic.
However, in my efforts to cure this problem, that was one of the first things I uninstalled...

  Dan the Confused 04:52 11 Jun 2004

Hmmm... If Ad-Aware, Spybot and NAV can't find anything then I'm a bit stumped at the mo too. Have you checked what programs are loaded at bootup (gave method in last thread)? I think one of these programs must be causing it. Try the process-of-elimination method on these too.

You could try disconnecting all your non-essential hardware.I once came across a similar situation that turned out to be a faulty CDRW drive that was drawing on all the resources.

Another thought. Your flickering mouse cursor may be due to a faulty graphics card. Try updating the card drivers, and also direct X.

  toadoftoadhall 21:30 11 Jun 2004

...but I've shut down every program in turn, right down to explorer. I've also installed a program called SwatIt which shuts down all those hidden programs.

I have just installed the latest drivers for my Nvidia GeForce2 Ti card and have checked my Direct X - it's version 9.0b.

(The weird thing is that when donwloading, the flickering cursor stops.)

As for whats telling me my CPU is running at 100%, it's the processor usage chart in System Monitor.

I bet someone is now going to tell me I've been totally thick, and that this always shows 100%...

  Eastender 21:56 11 Jun 2004

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  DerekR 22:00 11 Jun 2004

Loose it - its useless, and does use up valuable memory and CPU - its just a modified piece of adware by NTL which can, and does give them a lot more info on the structure and content of your PC than you know.

I ditched it, and bingo - my comp flew!

BTW - I`m on NTL 600.. and now have no complaints

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