CPU 100%

  enviro 20:27 04 Sep 2007

PC takes ages to open screens up, have used crap cleaner as sugested in other slow running related questions,system defraged, have run Norton Protection ,Windows Defender, when I open task manager to see what is running it says cpu usage is 100%. My system is XP home, athlon 2000+, 1 GB ram, 110 GB hard drive with 96 GB free.It would seem to me that cpu is at fault, but this is being sent on the pc so it cant be totally wrong, or is it?.

  STREETWORK 20:41 04 Sep 2007

Have you ever cleaned the inside of the case and the fans?

If not, then do it but with care. I used a dyson to do mine and cleaned all around the vents, CPU cooling vanes and graphics card, made a remarkable difference it did.

Still not going well, You may have loads of stuff starting up when you boot it. when started clcik on start, select run and type in - msconfig

This will bring up a window, select the start up tab and look to see whats loading when you boot up, de-select anything you know you do not need. Not to worry here as if you need the program just open it as usual.

next thing to do is to run the disk clean up and defrag the hard drive.

To clear out any junk files do the following.

Click start, then the search option.

1. Search for *.tmp when finnished select them all and delete them
2. Next search for *.log and do the same
3. Next search for *.log and delete them as well.

You must type in as shown with the *.

Post back your result as you may need to run some anti spyware just in case...

  VoG II 20:42 04 Sep 2007

In Task Manager, Processes tab, what is using 100% CPU?

  shizzy 21:42 04 Sep 2007

Adobe update manager is known to cause 100% CPU

  recap 22:13 04 Sep 2007

Panda Anti-virus is also known to cause 100% CPU

  VoG II 22:21 04 Sep 2007

'System Idle Processes' is also known to cause 100% CPU

  Fermat's Theorem 22:54 04 Sep 2007

SVCHost, Zone Alarm, and Norton AV are also known to hog 100% of CPU [not all at the same time, of course] :-)

  birdface 13:32 05 Sep 2007

Norton and Windows Defender are not a good match.I would get rid of one or both.Avg Anti-Virus and Avg Anti-Spyware will do as good a job and both are free.There are a number of free alternatives out there I would not have any of the two on my computer.Both of those programs give you full time protection and although that is good, it also slows your computer down.When you have no programs running go into Task manager and under Processes, System Idle process should be showing about 97% in CPU now this is normal.Any other programs using up a lot of your CPU will be where your problem lies.

  STREETWORK 22:25 05 Sep 2007

Have you all missed the clues on 'enviro' post?....

  birdface 07:52 06 Sep 2007

Holmes,Missed the clues.What were they.

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