CPU on 100%

  wesparmalee 08:56 28 Aug 2004

I've just noticed that my CPU has started to stay on 100% for short periods of time.In task manager,the culprit seems to be a peer to peer program called Shareaza.Nothing else is using anywhere near the same degree,so i would like to know why this is happening.I looked in Add/Remove programs,and found that the Shareaza program was a very large program 300mb+.Any ideas as to what can be done to lower this CPU rate,and why does this program seem so large.Thanks.

  cga 09:05 28 Aug 2004

A large program can slow down your system (depending on your memory size) by increasing the system paging rate but it does not directly affect the amount of CPU it is using.

This is something to do with the program itself. Peer-2-peer programs are well known to often contain spyware/malware. I don't know this particular program so I can't say for certain but how well do you trust it?

  CurlyWhirly 09:05 28 Aug 2004

I personally wouldn't bother with P2P networks as it has caused me loads of hassle in the past with internet connection cutting out and also spyware and trojans.
Have you run Spybot or Ad-aware on your PC as when I used to use KaZaA Lite I had the same problem and it turned out to be the Brilliant Digital trojan that was using up all my bandwidth resulting in connection problems.
I would just uninstall Shareaza as I would rather have a clean (and working PC) than get a few songs for nothing.

  CurlyWhirly 09:09 28 Aug 2004

I meant to say that I was on about internet connection bandwidth not CPU usage.
On the Task Manager bring up the Networking tab and if you AREN'T downloading anything then this should be at or near 0 and if it IS at a high level you probably have spyware or a trojan taking up your bandwidth like what happened to me above.

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