tristar 10:15 20 Aug 2004

Sudenly, when I go to open my web browser I get the message cant find c:\programfiles\btyahoo!internet\DialBTYahoo.exe
When I click on it the browser subsequently loads.
Can anyone tell me what has happened, and how I can fix it?


  igk 10:32 20 Aug 2004

Tristar, There is a couple of BT newsgroups that may be able to answer your question:

  iambeavis 10:32 20 Aug 2004

Try creating a new shortcut. Don't delete the original until you're sure the new one works.

  igk 10:33 20 Aug 2004

Sorry last one should be BTOPENWORLD.TECHNICAL.CHAT

  BBez 11:42 20 Aug 2004

i've had hassle all morning with BT 24/7...

Create a new connection then enter your BT Username & pasword when prompted and enter this number:

1470,,08089933003 (include the commas)

Test connection, if OK, delete the old one...

  tristar 15:37 22 Aug 2004

Thank you,
I also posted in 'Computeractive' and found someone with exactly the same problem.
They reprogrammed their 'dial up' connection and cured the fault.
I did the same and it fixed the problem for me.
BT's so-called 'technical help' was of no help at all.
Helpful people like yourselves are much more of a help.
Thank you for your assistance, I appreciate you taking the time and trouble to help.


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