Cover scratch on TFT monitor

  rawprawn 10:17 23 Nov 2005

I'm sure I once saw a tip on how to do this but I can't find the answer in search. I have a small (but long) scratch on my 3 month old monitor. Any suggestions?

  Pine Man 11:39 23 Nov 2005

I assume the monitor is plastic so the best way is to use fine wet&dry paper from somewhere like Halfords and then, continually dipping in water, rub the area of the scratch gently until it disappears. If it is a very light scratch use 'T' Cut, once again from Halfords.

This is the method that UPVC window fitters use and it certainly works

  rawprawn 11:42 23 Nov 2005

Thanks for that, I'm almost certain it was T cut that I saw recommended. I will get some and try.

  David4637 13:39 23 Nov 2005

I assume the monitor has a rigid plastic screen rather than its a LCD screen. If its the former T cut is worth trying before resorting to wet & dry. I would recommend next Jewelers Rouge before using wet & dry. David

  freaky 16:07 23 Nov 2005

Be extremely careful with what you use to remove a scratch from your monitor especially a TFT !!

They have a very delicate surface, and you could cause more damage.

You need to research before you try DIY !

  rawprawn 16:22 23 Nov 2005

Thanks to all for the replies, it is not a bad scratch, and I can only really see it when I am booting (Shows on black XP loading) On refection I think I may be better leaving it alone.

  freaky 17:57 23 Nov 2005

A wise decision, of the various materials suggested above - jewellers rouge is probably the safest.

  woodchip 18:03 23 Nov 2005

your best bet is leave it you will kill it

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