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  puma0377 20:14 13 May 2007

Help! Ive noticed the cover disk on the last few issues arent opening how they used to. instead of getting an interface, if thats the right word, i now get the autoplay box or nothing at all. previously i used to be able to see different sections such as games, from the magazine, etc, now i can only access the disk via my computer, clicking on the dvd drive and then clicking on an icon which will then load the thing i've clicked on, so i have no idea what i'm loading until its loaded onto the computer. I've also had a few problems with logging onto this site. the only thing that i can think of is that i loaded spyware terminator. could this have anything to do with it?

  Vaughanster 23:34 13 May 2007

I posted something earlier on today in much the same instance. This has happened with most of the PCA disks I've received. I downloaded Spyware Terminator and I think it well be causing the problem!

  Totally-braindead 00:06 14 May 2007

Regarding the loading issue there was a post about it in the Forum, PCA for some reason have changed the way the disk works IE the loading program so that is probably not a sign of a problem.
I don't use the coverdisks myself as I'm fed up loading up what is meant to be a full program only to find that its not a full program. Full to me means its complete, no time limit, no trial period, no parts of it not working etc. PCA seem to think differently.
They go straight in the bin now.

  Weskit 09:24 14 May 2007

Bet they won't quote you again next month!...

  RickyC :-) 10:01 14 May 2007

Regarding the DVDs - I've revamped the cover disc interface, so that the menu is now in PDF format.

When you insert the disc, it is no longer set to autoplay. I've removed this feature so that readers can browse the disc contents if they wish. Readers need to double-click on the file called 'Click here to begin.PDF' to open the menu in Adobe Reader. This new PDF version still allows us to include install links and links to websites for software registration. It also allows us to include more information on the programs which are on the disc.

I'll be interested to hear readers' thoughts on the new menu system, there's a link to email me on the intro page of the PDF.


Cover Disc Editor

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