cover disc software: Safeworld

  Nick1 20:53 07 Aug 2003

I can't find the serial number. I am sure that I saw it a one time but it seems to have vanished from the magazine. Can anyone help, please?

  OneSirKnight 22:57 07 Aug 2003

I would love to help but haven't got the foggiest what your talking about? but i have feeling this free program may be able to help you find serial numbers of software loaded. if you look in software licences,

click here

  jakedawe 23:01 07 Aug 2003

Not going to be much help if it is not already loaded.

  OneSirKnight 23:08 07 Aug 2003

only possitive replies can help.

  jakedawe 23:11 07 Aug 2003

Yeah, well your suggestion is positive ONLY IF IT IS ALREADY loaded.

  bowman 23:17 07 Aug 2003

You have to register online during the installation process.

Hope this helps.

  OneSirKnight 23:25 07 Aug 2003

Was the software a full working program? from PCA .You could try [email protected]. If you wish to have a good popup stopper try ..
click here

  critic-al 23:37 07 Aug 2003

Well done bowman, its a pitty that jakedawe could not offer that advice instead of trying to have a go at someone trying to help.

  jakedawe 00:37 08 Aug 2003

Well, good for you. It is less than helpful to offer a suggestion that may be useless to someone who may dowload a programme and expect it to supply serial numbers for programmes that are not already on the HDD. I read the post as being from a member who was trying to INSTAL a programme from a cover disk. My most abject and humble apologies to you.

  Nick1 08:46 08 Aug 2003

Thanks for the interesting comments. I solved the problem after I had sent the enquiry to you all by not entering a serial number at all. I just left the space blank and all was and is OK.

OneSirKnight: The programme was a full programme on the September issue of PCA. I am getting a bit twitchy about internet security at the moment and have recently installed ZoneAlarm. Safeworld should, I believe, complement that.


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