cover disc kills my computer

  FEEBS 09:44 24 Mar 2004

I'm running Windows'98SE and I installed Steganos Safe 5.0 from May's cover disc. I browsed through the help information to find out how to use it. After starting the programme I got a notice which said "day 1 of a 7 day trial" I decided this wasn't for me and chose to uninstall it. I followed the instructions by going to Control Panel> Add/Remove programmes, highlighted Steganos and clicked Remove. After uninstall was complete I got the option of restarting the computer "now" or "later". I chose "now". The computer shut down but on restarting, after the initial screen there was abrief flash of the Windows logo then it said "Loading Windows 98SE" and got no further than the \C prompt. Whatever I do I cannot get any further. What do I do now? URGENT HELP PLEASE. I am writing this on my other computer luckily and strange as it may seem almost everything of importance is backed up on cd (not often this happens eh?) except e-mails.

  westdudes 10:22 24 Mar 2004

u may need to use a boot disk as i believe the cover disc's program has removed a basic windows file such as explorer.exe or something similar. if you've tried this, does safe mode work?scandisk?

my main advice would be use a boot disk and then repair windows with the 98se cd then all should fine and dandy.

if you've tried this reply and we'll try and help you more :)

  FEEBS 10:39 24 Mar 2004

I've tried the start up disc which I made and scandisc - bit this told me I needed Himem sys or something. I have a recovery disc which came with the computer but that tells me if I use it I destroy all tha data on the disc which I'd like to avoid. I'm not particularly computer literate and I've started it in safe mode but what it says is like a foreign language. So any instructions you may have need to be in simple terms. Sorry I'm not as brainy as you guys.

  johnnyrocker 10:44 24 Mar 2004

try start run scanreg/restore ( i think thats right) and it should give your last 5 boot dates or so you should be able to select one prior to the problem i think you will find.


  FEEBS 10:49 24 Mar 2004

I would if I could get as far as the screen with the start button on. Windows hasn't loaded - it gets as far as the \C prompt.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:06 24 Mar 2004

Did u go regester steganos online you get a free activation code thru the link provided on the coverdisk,did u set a password when you set it up?,What it does is set another drive a private 1 that is hidden and i think somhow windows is trying to boot to the hidden drive,u could try typing the password if any u set up at the c\ prompt
Also was the safe closed when u uninstalled it and did u exit the taskbar icon before uninstall

Exit all programs running in Steganos Safe 5. To do so, right click on the Steganos icon in the task bar and select Exit. Close all windows connected to the Safe. Please note that all secure drives must be closed before you can exit Steganos Safe.


  wildrover 11:26 24 Mar 2004

If you type WIN then press enter after the c prompt it should boot into windows (my memory here is hazy, so someone might come up with exactly what to enter!) I think also the command may be WIN98 if you have upgraded from 95.

  wildrover 11:32 24 Mar 2004

I noticed that you said that above windows started to load, then you got the c prompt, so my suggestion may only bring you back to the c prompt - but I thought it was worth a try!

  anon1 11:51 24 Mar 2004

Johhny rocker is on the right tracks but Start the computer and hit f8 at the beep, choose to start at the command prompt from there type scanreg/restore and choose a date prior to the problem. You do not need to try and load windows. When you have chosen a date follow the prompts.

  anon1 11:54 24 Mar 2004

If my previous post fails then you will need a windows 98 boot disk. Start the pc with the boot disk inserted and at the a Prompt type "sys c:\" without the quotes but include the space between sys and C

  anchor 12:39 24 Mar 2004

If the above suggestions fail, try booting with a Win-98 boot disc, and do an "over the top" re-installation of windows. There should be an option for this on your recovery disc.

Better still, use a full Win98-SE disc if you have one.

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