A+ Course

  Ritchbee 22:38 12 Mar 2004

Is it worth while doing this course.

Can anyone recommend any companies who provide this course and training for a reasonable outlay.



  LastChip 22:46 12 Mar 2004

unfortunately, some training companies have jumped on the bandwagon and are charging exorbitant amounts for what is a fairly basic level course.

Recently browsing in Waterstones, I noticed very reasonably priced books that cover all the content of the A+, at a fraction of the cost of a training course.

Probably worth a look!

Personally, I have actually done this course, but opted not to do the exams, as it appears they are not recognized very much here in the UK. In fact, most people have never heard of the A+ course!

  agarm11 22:49 12 Mar 2004

If you're going to do the book route, I suggest the Mike Meyers books, very good bed time reading.

  Ritchbee 00:06 13 Mar 2004


Which one of Mike Meyers books should I get ?

He has quite a few !

  Mango Grummit 12:37 13 Mar 2004

Is it worth while doing this course. ???

No one can answer your question Ritchbee unless you explain what you hope to achieve by doing this, or any other, course.

For instance do you wish merely to increase your knowledge in pursuit of your hobby or do you believe it may increase your earnings potential at some point?

Forty years ago (omg) I went into engineering and earned a good living from it until the decline of the UKs manufacturing base. A friend of mine started out as a trainee supermarket manager which seemed a bit "sissy" to me lol. Tell you what though -- he earned BIG bucks all through his career and retired early with a small fortune -- now lives on a golf course in Spain. And, do you know, it is still the same now.

Loads of young people think they will easily be able to make a good living in IT but it is now a very crowded place to be with a great many "qualified" people finding it difficult to find a suitable vacancy.

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