A couple random problems.

  Thebeanus 10:45 02 Jun 2008

Just today I unplugged my computer to move it, and am now using a different monitor (though I doubt that changes anything)
I noticed my time and date had reset itself, which it usually doesn't, and, all the programs in my start menu are highlighted yellow and I get the message "You have new programs installed", even though many of them have been there for a year+.
Also, I installed a D-Link AirPlus G Wireless USB Adapter, and every time I start up my computer I get two error messages
"The procedure entry point apsGetInterfaceCount could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dll

The procedure entry point apsInitialize could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dll"

I googled this, and found other people had the same problem, but were all running Vista. I am using windows XP Professional.

Another problem which is the worst/most annoying one, all of my games (even ones that aren't particularly graphically intense) have MEGA artifacts flashing all over the screen, and after 1-3 seconds of it being open with the artifacts everywhere the computer crashes and restarts...

Anybody have any clue what's going on here? :S
Help is greatly appreciated.

  Thebeanus 10:48 02 Jun 2008

*sorry for double post, couldn't see an edit post button*

I forgot to mention that my Avast! is now telling me my licence key is temporarily disabled. I don't know whether it coincidentally ran out just today, since it's a trial license key, or something has confused it in some way...


  Thebeanus 13:38 02 Jun 2008

I put the old monitor back on, the highlighted programs in start menu are gone (but it might've just done that by itself anyway), dlink errors are still there, artifacts + crashing is still present. I'll do that memtest thing now... I assume I burn it to a disc and boot from that

  brundle 13:54 02 Jun 2008

Unlikely to be a memory problem, that usually results in blue screens. Sounds as though the registry has been reset to factory defaults but the stuff you installed is still present, explains the graphic glitches if your PC has `lost` the chipset/video drivers. Use the boot menu and select Last Known Good configuration.

  brundle 13:56 02 Jun 2008

Seen this once before recently and couldn't explain it then either. Power surge, HD fault, something being misplaced when you moved the PC, there are a number of possibilities.

  Thebeanus 12:18 03 Jun 2008

Right.. uhh well I uninstalled my graphics card drivers then reinstalled, and the last 15-20 startups have been failures, either the monitor didn't turn on, or it turned on, and computer froze, or it half started up and crashed, or the monitor didn't turn on, but the light on it flashed between orange and green. I changed the slots the RAM was in, changed the bios setting for "Halt system on:" to "Disk errors only" and it finally started up. I have no idea what is going on. I'll see if, now that i've reinstalled the drivers and have finally got the computer started up again, if the computer crashes when I open any graphic-related program/game.

  Thebeanus 12:22 03 Jun 2008

I have a separate graphics card. Just now I opened DxDiag and tested Direct Draw, worked fine, then when I clicked on Direct3D, dxdiag crashed and gave me the "send/don't send" error report box.

  Thebeanus 23:19 03 Jun 2008

I did check all the plugs, they seemed to be in fine.. I've reseated the card a couple times.
I WOULD test how the O/B graphics works out, but the video output plug on my computer is a female plug (it has the prongs - shows you how old it is), and I don't have a monitor with a male plug... :/

  lotvic 01:04 04 Jun 2008

Are you sure you haven't mixed these up? The onboard graphics plug should be female (3 rows of Holes) for the monitor cable male (prongs/pins sticking out) to plug into.
Here's a pic click here and it is number 6 on diagram

  Thebeanus 01:40 04 Jun 2008

Hrm.. so It's a COM port I'm thinking of. In that case, my computer doesn't have O/B graphics. But I still don't know why my graphics card would just start playing up for no reason.

  Thebeanus 13:06 04 Jun 2008

Hum... Well, with power surges, we did have a big storm a few nights ago..... and I hadn't started up the computer for a while before moving it (Before the storm), so chances are, moving it didn't do anything bad to it.... But I'm not sure if that storm could've created a power surge of some kind.

I've checked the fans, and they are working fine... But how do I use this utility? I just find the model of my HD and download that utility? They pretty much all say (Floppy Disk), dunno if it means I need to put it on a floppy disk, or what...

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