Couple of Questions

  mak15511 18:47 09 Jun 2007


I've had my laptop for four years and two years ago I bought extra ram for it. After about 4months this ram broke when I restarted the computer. It came up with an error message saying: "The ammount of system memory has changed" After this error message there were two options. Something like: Start anyway & Enter Setup. I started anyway and it was fine. After dinner I came back up and the computer was off. Rebooted it but the same message came up. But this time it booted in safe mode. I didn't have a clue about computers at that time so I restarted it. It wouldn't restart. So we had to send it in to get it repaired, we also got some new ram for free(although it's the same type as the first). Now two years later it's the same error message everytime I start up the laptop(near enough). But the laptop still works even after the message appearing 50+ times. The reason is obvious from checking my laptops specifications. The original ram keeps on appearing and dissapearing from the total count of ram.

So it use to have 128(original)+512(added)=640

Now it has 512, because the 128 has gone walkies.

It keeps on switching between these two amounts of ram memory, which leads me to think that there is a loose connection of the 128(original).

Now what i'm asking is, is it dangerous to open up the ram compartment and unscrew+rescrew the original ram back in, to make sure it's not the lose connection? If it is dangerous, are there any precautions I should take. At when I mean dangerous, I mean for the computer, not for me. I've been through alot more :D


My seccond question is, I've heard that you can dedicate ram memory to graphics, I was just wondering how to do this(something to do with changing some setup options in the BIOS)as my laptop only has 64mb's of graphics memory.

Thanks alot for reading.


  Technotiger 18:58 09 Jun 2007

Hi, make & model of laptop might help us.

  mak15511 19:03 09 Jun 2007

Hai Technotiger,

I can't believe I forgot that... my bad

Dell Inspiron|1100
Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 Processor 2.2ghz
RAM 512 (there should be another 128 mind you)

  Technotiger 19:21 09 Jun 2007

Hmm, though I am not too familiar with the innards of laptops, I can see no harm in checking your RAM as stated, as long as you earth yourself first, to prevent possible damage to laptop - not you :-)

On your second question I am pretty sure that you are stuck with the Graphics you have, as far as I am aware you cannot use RAM to increase the graphics capabilities on this particular laptop.

  mak15511 19:30 09 Jun 2007

hmm...okay I guess.

I myself see no harm in checking my RAM eaither as I've seen it been installed before, but that was the faulty extra I bought, which could have been broken by the guy who put it in (you never know).

As for the one on graphics, are you sure? I might wait to get some confirmation on other people on this...

Thanks anyway :D

  Technotiger 19:32 09 Jun 2007

Don't worry, if I am wrong about the graphics, someone will soon come on here and say so - that's the beauty of this Forum ......

  woodchip 19:53 09 Jun 2007

I would say that the 128 stick wants removing, Put the 512 in that slot then try the computer

  woodchip 20:00 09 Jun 2007

Ram for onboard Graphics can be set in BIOS, when the computer is starting keep tapping Del key. Save settings before you exit BIOS or it will stay the same

  mak15511 20:17 09 Jun 2007

Aha that's the key WoodChip. I went through every F# key tapping and holding down xD

Thanks alot, the 128 does work, just a lose connection so I'm gonna unscrew, clean connections and re screw in(if they are screw, may be a mechanical clip system?). If that doesn't work I will just use the 512, if the actual slot where it goes into is "broken" then I might get it fixed.


  Technotiger 20:23 09 Jun 2007

From a comparison HP & Dell laptops ...

"the HP uses an ATI graphics chip that borrows video RAM from main memory. The Dell's graphics chip is independent."

... nothing in it about borrowing RAM for the Dell graphics.

  mak15511 20:29 09 Jun 2007

Erm...I've tried tapping the del key during startup to enter, it starts up as normal, the only thing that it doesn't normally do is beep. I also tried holding it during startup. Didn't work, more help please?


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