A couple of questions

  Futurism 21:20 30 Oct 2006

Hi just looking for a spot of help.

Can i Have 2 screens doing different things from one computer. So say have a DVD running on one screen while having a game playing on the other? I have nVidia graphics card with 2 outputs at the back if thats any help.

Secondly Im using a new comp and it should have 2 hard drives installed(i didnt build it!) and my computer is only showing the one im using up but if i go to my computer theres a mystery f: which it thinks is a CD player but i only have DVD & a DVD RW which occupy D: and E: could it be my hard drive? if so why is my comp recognising it as a CD drive?

many thanks :)

  FatboySlim71 21:43 30 Oct 2006

Regarding the 2 hard drives, if the pc is only showing one drive they could be in a raid configurtation, which basically means the 2 drives are sharing the work load, not sure what performance gain if any this gives.

Also it helps others on this forum if you title the post with what the problem/question is, so as when others search the forum with their problem/question it helps them find this post/answer, if they are having the same problem.

  woodchip 21:49 30 Oct 2006

You can have two monitors running different programs, But if it is only a single CPU not a Duo then it can only handle one thing at once. Plus you would need two pair of hands to work it

  Futurism 08:46 31 Oct 2006

Sorry Im a bit new.
So how would i go about rectifying the Hard Drive situation? my c: only shows up being 300gb when i should have 2 300gb!

I have a dual core processor so how would i go about splitting the screens?

help muchly apreciated

  ed-0 10:02 31 Oct 2006

Download and run everest home > click here. To check the specification of the computer.

Also right click my computer > manage > disk management. Look in the right hand window. How many hard drives are showing and what are the sizes.

As to the two monitors. Right click a blank stretch on the desktop > properties > settings. Have you two screens like this? click here

  FatboySlim71 10:19 31 Oct 2006

If like you say "c: only shows up being 300gb when i should have 2 300gb"

This sounds like the the raid drivers were not installed at the time Windows was installed, I used to own a PC that had this drive configuration and if I remember correctly, the raid drivers had to be on a floppy disc, I can remember having to press F6 to install raid drivers at the appropriate time during the windows installation process, I am not sure if these drivers can be installed at a later date, someone else may know the answer to this.

  anskyber 10:30 31 Oct 2006

If you have raid it could be RAID 1 which will show up as 300GB because that is what is usable. RAID 1 gives you two identical copies of everything, it a system used to help protect valuable data.

RIAD 0 should show up as 600GB because in that set up only half the Data is written to each disc which gives some improvement in read/write.

  Futurism 15:23 31 Oct 2006

2 screens - it doesnt show up with the 2 screens but its GeForce 7950 gx2 with 2 outlets at the back. So is it possible to do it with this graphics card? or do you need 2 graphics cards?

Hard Drive - so theres noway i can change it so i can actually put stuff on it? it maybe scsi from the look of device manager does that mean anything?

  anskyber 15:26 31 Oct 2006

Yes. connect one screen to each of the coonectors then click here

  anskyber 15:36 31 Oct 2006

Regarding the HDD can you tell us more about the PC, like make model, did you get it new?

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