A couple of processor questions.

  Rennaissance 17:39 08 Mar 2004

Hello. I hope some can help. I am looking to build a pc for a friend soon and would like to know a couple of things.

Going to get either the AMD ATHLON XP2500 Barton or the XP2400 Thouroughbred. Would like to know the clock settings or multiplier settings for these. Also i would like to know the difference between barton and throughbred? Any help much appreciated people.

  Rayuk 17:59 08 Mar 2004

Thoroughbred 256Kb cache
Barton 512Kb cache
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List of all Athlons

  leo49 18:00 08 Mar 2004

Best check with the horses mouth

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but as far as I recall the Thoroughbred 2400 has an actual speed of 2000 with fsb133, multiplier 15.

Barton2500 : actual speed 1833 with fsb166,multiplier 11

Barton has a 512 L2 cache as opposed to the 256 of the XP2400 and should be[is] slightly faster in operation.I'd have the Barton.

  Rennaissance 18:04 08 Mar 2004

Thankyou Rayuk and Leo49 Great help here.

  -Beb- 18:27 08 Mar 2004

I'd always get an intel chip rather than amd. They are more reliable, work at lower temperatures and are faster processors

  Andy-285277 18:40 08 Mar 2004

The Barton chip is on a smaller die size than the thoroughbred core and it operates on a faster front side bus which gives it access to quicker memory as well.

I am not aware of any great uncompatibility issues with Athlons these days and I would suggest that in terms of bang for bucks they are unbeatable even with the recent intel price reductions.

Which motherboard are you going to use it on ? as the nforce chipsets have dual memory access which migfht influence your choice of memory if you are going to upgrade this as well.

  Rayuk 19:18 08 Mar 2004

Your personal likes,dislikes and opinions are not being questioned,an answer to the question posed is what we are after.thank you

  Paranoid Android 19:42 08 Mar 2004

"The Barton chip is on a smaller die size than the thoroughbred core and it operates on a faster front side bus which gives it access to quicker memory as well."

Although the 2400 Throroughbred has a 266 FSB as opposed to the Barton's 333, faster Thoroughbreds (2600 and above) are available in both FSB speeds. The major difference is the L2 cache.

In fact the die size on the Barton is larger to accommodate the extra cache, although they both use the same 0.13 micron process.

The other major difference is temperature, the lower clock speed of the Barton core produces less heat than the equivalent Thoroughbred.

Independant benchmarks put the 2500 Barton slightly ahead of the 2600 Thoroughbred in terms of performance, although the difference is negligible.


  Rennaissance 20:26 08 Mar 2004

thanks for all these views but im sticking to amd, I love them. Used them in previous machines, have never exp an intel chip mind you. I heard AMDs were fastest. I am planning to use the MSI KT4AV, have used it with previous build with an amd xp2800 and it works fine.

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