A Couple of little Niggles I/E and Start up

  birdface 15:00 05 Sep 2009

Every time I open I/Explorer8 I get two iexplore.exe programs on Task manager.Can I remove one and which one.

Every time I start the computer it says starting with CD and underneath I get the starting with CD again.probably it has always been like that but now I notice it.Is it normal.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:19 05 Sep 2009

1. yes either will do makes no difference

2. You can enter set up (BIOS) and set the first boot device to HDD instead of CD drive, this will get rid of the message.

  birdface 15:21 05 Sep 2009

Ok.Thanks for the info .I will give it a go now.

  birdface 16:23 05 Sep 2009

1st will not work.Every time I end the process of one of the iexplore.exe it removes the both of them and when i start I/Explorer again both come back.

  VoG II 16:38 05 Sep 2009

I think this is normal. If I start IE I get two iexplore.exe and if I open more than one tab I get three!

  brundle 16:54 05 Sep 2009

Normal behaviour; click here

"If you have been using IE7, you are probably used to all your tabs opening under the same iexplore.exe process. The only exception is if you are on a Windows Vista machine and you are moving from Protected to Unprotected mode.

Internet Explorer 8 had a big makeover in this area. You will now notice that new tabs typically open in a new process. By default, IE8 will start with two instances of iexplore.exe (one for the Frame, one for the tab) and grows the number of tab processes as needed based on the amount of available RAM, the number of tabs, the integrity levels for tabs, and the number of distinct IE sessions . "

  birdface 17:59 05 Sep 2009

I am sure this is something new.I only remember having one,With one window open.I have tabs turned off So don't use that.It may well just be an IE8 thing.It does not do any harm.But just wondered why it was on there on the first place.
You can see them working if you are on a slow download speed it would be very hard to detect it on a fast machine.I notice it on mine when changing pages or opening any page.The window opens and about 2 seconds later I get another one taking the first ones place.
On a fast machine you probably would not spot it.
I never used to have to update this page or thread as it would be done automatically.But now I have to refresh it all of the time.
I wonder if it is anything to do with the PCA redirect.com that it now uses when you click on a click here.Once again you have to be very quick to notice it in the address bar as it changes.

  rdave13 18:13 05 Sep 2009

Think it's to do with 'tabs' being turned off. This means IE8 has to open again to view the page unlike opening a new tab within the browser.

  birdface 19:59 05 Sep 2009

Hi.I have never used Tabs I have always had them turned off.But switched them on to give it a try and it slowed the computer down a bit when changing pages.And still have both iexplore exe's in Task Manager.
I still have this idea that it could be PCA's new Redirecting.com program that may be doing it.But just clutching at straws.Will try elsewhere later and see if I still have the problem.

  rdave13 20:08 05 Sep 2009

With one tab open then 2 iexplore in task manager. With two tabs open then 3 iexplore. Same as VoG™. Looks as it's normal. Can't understand tabbed browsing slowing the PC down when changing pages though. Too many security apps scanning at the same time maybe?

  VoG II 20:13 05 Sep 2009

It is nothing to do with PCA. I Use Firefox for PCA and other forums (as it allows me to easily suppress adverts). BBC open in IE8 (one tab only) and two iexplore.exe. I don't understand why this is a problem.

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