Couple of 'glitches' with IE8

  Furkin 13:08 30 Sep 2009

I installed IE8 yesterday.
1/ When I go on to certain forums, I can no longer use the smell checker. I get a message saying that I can download seSpell (I think) which I did.
It also says that it should then reside in Tools,,, but I can't find it.
The spell checker in Office etc is unaffected.

2/ I was mid way in writing a long report & decided to put the kettle on. When I came back, the machine was doing a MS Update, then turned the machine off, to re-start.
Up till yesterday, my machine would check for - & install updates - as I was switching off. This suited me better,,,,
I've looked into Auto Update scheduling, but only get a list of Times, not a choice on "When switching Off / On".
Any idea what I might previously had it set to ?
Or has that option been omitted from IE8 ?


  rawprawn 13:33 30 Sep 2009

Go to Tools> Manage Add- Ons, and enable Spell Checker

  Furkin 00:13 01 Oct 2009

Cheers RP: The checker is already enabled.

  rdave13 00:48 01 Oct 2009

If it's iespell checker you use then download again and save to desktop. Even if it shows enabled in add-ons it might have become corrupted. Install again (over the top)
click here

Not sure of your OS but something like start- control panel-security- turn automatic updates on or off (vista) and select 'check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them'.
Xp, start, c/p, Security center, updates.

  rdave13 00:50 01 Oct 2009

PS once you've reinstalled iespell you'll have to close ie8 and reopen for it to work.

  Furkin 08:16 01 Oct 2009

Cheers Dave,
I use XP Pro - SP3.
The only time I see this (so far) is when i'm on forums that allow you to check spelling of a post or thread.
I don't get a choice of what to use. It just comes up saying that "iespell isn't detected - download now ?"
I followed your chain above,,,, (& still have a copy on D.Top) to noah vale.
FYI: There is also a "let me choose" bit in XP.

By the way - is PCA the only forum with no spell checker etc ?

  birdface 09:01 01 Oct 2009

You can download IE7pro add-on that has a spell checker with it.
if you download it make sure Ad-Blocker is ticked and Mini Download manager is unticked,

  birdface 09:03 01 Oct 2009

click here if you make any changes to it you have to restart Internet Explorer for them to take effect.

  Furkin 10:43 02 Oct 2009

BM: Tried that thanks.
a/ It hasn't helped.
b/ I don't see where it is on my machine.
c/ I didn't see where I could un/tick Ad Pops + Mini etc.

Restarted both IE8 and the machine to give it a chance, but to no avail.

  Furkin 10:53 02 Oct 2009

PS: Is it just a coincidence,,,, or is IE8 a hell of a lot slower when searching the internet ? Mine has been a pig since the upgrade,,,,

whoooa,,,,, IESPELL has just kicked in here on PCA ?!?! Never seen it before !

Just checked a couple of other forae, & it do seem fixed - many many thanks.

There must be a reason why it didn't work as it should, without this faffing ?

I'll 'Resolved' this and start another post for point 2 (in op).

thanks again

  Sea Urchin 12:05 02 Oct 2009

IESpell is an add-on to the browser - not the PCA site. It's available for all sites.

To display the link on your toolbar right-click the links bar and select Customize Command Bar - then Add or Remove Commands. In the left pane highlight IESpell and click Add -

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