Couple of Firefox questions ?

  gazmix 19:32 30 Jun 2008

I am currently using Firefox version
It hasn't asked me if i want to update to version 3 yet.
Usualy i get a prompt saying if there is an update available!
If i go to help>check for updates, it does it manualy & says there isn't one!!
Where is the check box to ask me when an update is available?, maybe i've missed it or it's unchecked!!

In themes, i thought about an option of another browser color by downloading this:-

click here

will it ask me if i want it as my default?, as i may not!

it says its available for FF3, at the bottom, it says 'an older version may work', but when i click on that, it says beware & always use most up to date!!
Is it a problem to use theme version 1.0.5 with my version of FF?

If i update FF to 3, will it overwrite the old one?


  cocteau48 19:47 30 Jun 2008

Firefox 3 is so radically different from Firefox 2 then I would advise that you go for a complete fresh download. I may be wrong but I do not think that it will update from within the program.

You can download and install and uninstall as many themes as you want and swap them around under the tool/add-ons/themes menu... nothing "has to be" the default theme.

I have found that some themes,once they are compatible with version 3,no longer work with earlier versions.

Anything on the Mozilla website with a green install button is compatible with Firefox 3.

  cocteau48 19:51 30 Jun 2008

"Anything on the Mozilla website with a green install button is compatible with Firefox 3."

obviously you will need to have installed FF3
before this applies.

Must type faster Marg7!

  gazmix 20:02 30 Jun 2008

Hi & thanks
Here click here
It says to beware of old versions, but i guess that means old versions of a theme within old browser version, not new theme version in old browser!!

I guess thats what the yellow triangle means!

I have very basic preferences in my FF, so i guess i wouldn't need to do the backup!

What is so different in FF3.

I guess it would be good to keep a copy of FF2 on a usb stick if i don't like it!, is FF3 easy to uninstall?

  cocteau48 20:15 30 Jun 2008

You most certainly do need to do a backup if you may wish to go back to FF2.
All your personal information in Firefox (bookmarks/themes/add-ons etc) is stored in your profile which is located in Applications and Settings and NOT in the Firefox folder itself.
Upgrading to FF3 alters that profile which may not then work with FF2 if you return to it.
A Marg7 says use Mozbackup and you will have no problems.

  gazmix 13:31 01 Jul 2008

i have no other themes, adons, bookmarks !!, i just have the default browser i downloaded. Everything i have in tools>options is default!

What is difference between ff2 & 3, can i have both browsers & just use the one i like?

  cocteau48 13:45 01 Jul 2008

What's new in FF3
click here
The vast majority of these changes are "under the hood" and you will not see them as being different from FF2 and as you admit to having no bookmarks/themes/add-ons etc I can see no reason why you would want to go back to version 2.
The only reason that some have gone back to version 2 is that their favourite theme or add-on/extension is not yet compatible with 3 and they would rather not be without it.

  gazmix 15:41 01 Jul 2008

ok cheers, i have FF3 setup on my desktop now, i gues all i do is run it, with FF2 closed & it will copy over FF2 ? or will it create a seperate programme & i'd have to delete 2?

I have written down all that i think i need in 'View', 'Tools>options', etc!


  gazmix 16:13 01 Jul 2008

I just read that you have to re-install all active x flash plugins!!

In 'add/remove' programmes, it says my version of FF2 is 19.36 MB but the version inFile hippo is 7MB,waht is this? do i have to uninstall 1st?

  cocteau48 16:17 01 Jul 2008

If I remember correctly I think it overwrites version 2. If it does not do that then it automatically uninstalls it...I do not recall having to manually uninstall version 2.

  brundle 16:20 01 Jul 2008

Run the portable version if you're undecided. Make a folder called PortableApps in C:\, extract FF3 there click here and put a shortcut on the desktop. Give it a few days to see if you like it then you can install the download over FF2. The two won't conflict at all. It's possible to copy the profiles between them too, but does require a bit of digging about amongst the folders.

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