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  ArrGee 21:38 18 Mar 2007

Hi all, I am a complete newbie when it comes to web site building, and perhaps my first attempt is a tad too much.

This morning I downloaded a trial of Antenna Web Studio, which looked quite good at first. Still lots to learn.

Perhaps I should stop now and look at a different package so any suggestions would be appreciated.

In the initial stage, I want to create a site with three drop down menus. Each drop down has a list of counties in England, Scotland and Wales. Once the user selects a county, I want a new drop down to open up with a list of cities and towns within that county.

At present, I am trawling the net for lists of Counties, towns and cities and having to reformat for Web Studio (very very tedious process!).

I know this is quite a task for a newbie, but I want to be a fully fledged web master within around the next year.

1. Should I start with a different application?

2. Is there anywhere I can get a list of counties and cities to just 'dump' into a web application?

3. How do I link the counties drop-down to open a towns-and-cities drop down?

Any help at all is very much appreciated.

  silverous 11:03 19 Mar 2007

This any good for counties/towns?

click here

(See first link on the page).

I would say you need to code up the drop down lists in javascript, this sounds like the sort of thing:

click here

Let me know if you need more help.

In terms of tool - use whatever you are most comfortable with, you can always plug any code in afterwards.

  ArrGee 20:50 19 Mar 2007

Thanks for the info silverous.

The counties and towns link looks good, but still not quite what I'm looking for, as the list is not broken down into separate towns and counties.

Basically, I need two seprate batch files, one for towns and the other counties. Your link provides a very good cross comparison. If I can incorporate it into the guts of a website somehow, I'll give it a try.

As mentioned, I am a complete newbie here, and after having looked at various design applications, a simple WYSIWYG app like Antenna will probably become frustrating in the longer term.

So I creeked open my wallet, allowed the moths to fly out, and spent my (and my wife's) life savings on Dreamweaver 8, as well as a copy of 'Dreamweaver 8 for Dummies'.

Once I have read through the 450+ pages of this, I'll re-visit the second link you provided, as at present it seems quite martian to me.

Many many thanks for your help and links.

  silverous 22:12 19 Mar 2007

I'd disagree - if you want the seleciton of a county to then restrict the towns available you need the files to be cross referenced in which case, as someone with a background in databases, my preference is to have a single set of data.

I'd store the data and then iterate through it to populate the list boxes.

Dreamweaver is a good choice, definitely.

If I get chance tomorrow I'll have a go at knocking something up to get you started.

  Forum Editor 23:42 19 Mar 2007

your site is being hosted with a 'proper' web hosting company, rather than in your ISP's free webspace?

That being the case, you'll almost certainly have at least one MySQL database available to you, and you can run a single set of data, as silverous suggests.

  jorel 01:55 20 Mar 2007

I think a tool you could be looking for is Xara Webstyle to create the Drop Down Navigation bar you want. You can get a 15 day trial download at Xara if you click here. The full version of Web Style 4 is about £50 but I have seen cover discs on magazines giving away Xara Web style 3.
Obviuosly Xara 3 is limited and has a reduced amount of templates etc, but it would be more than adequate for your requirements. It also has a very handy photo tool for reducing the size of images for the web, which tells you how long the photo will take to load etc. I use it quite a lot for that purpose.

  ArrGee 09:51 20 Mar 2007

You're a star, that would be really appreciated.

The site will be hosted with a 'proper' hosting company at some point, but I will probably test it with my ISP first. Being a newbie, I haven't a clue about MySQL databases! Thanks, I will certainly look into this at speed!

Are you using Xara in conjunction with Dreamweaver? At first I would prefer to use just Dreamweaver so that I can get a good grip on it's capabilities. Does Dreamweaver have the same capabilities as Xara? Thanks.

  jorel 12:41 20 Mar 2007

Yes, I use it with Dreamweaver. When you install Xara it checks to see if you have Dreamweaver installed and if you have it incorporates extra options in the Dreamweaver tool bar. That means that you can actually use the Xara options directly from Dreamweaver.

>Does Dreamweaver have the same capabilities as Xara?
They are two different applications. Dreamweaver is for developing web sites, while Xara is used to create buttons, roll overs, navigation bars, and other events that you want to add to a web page. Although you can create all of those using Dreamweaver and Flash, Xara simplifies it down to almost click and drag.

  ArrGee 12:48 20 Mar 2007

Thanks for that, I'll definately give the trial a go.

  silverous 21:48 20 Mar 2007


After some playing, some borrowing of similar code and some manipulation in Excel I have an example for you.

To be honest, I'm no javascript guru but if you are new to web design I think to understand this and how it works may take you some time. It may be better to view it as a 'black box' and use it for now until you learn some more. It is a fairly advanced thing to be doing. Stick with it though!

Here goes:

click here

That the kind of thing?

If you view the source that part is relatively straightforward however it all happens in a javascript file which you can probably save down and look at if you visit:

click here

Hope this helps!

  ArrGee 11:12 21 Mar 2007

Many thanks for that, really appreciate your help.

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