Counterspy using 100% CPU

  smy13 18:47 09 Oct 2005

since upgrading to version 1.5 of counterSpy its been using 100% of my CPU I'm having to kill it through Task manager processes to get anything done

I'm running
XP home
McAfee SS7
Microsoft Spyware Beta 1
spybot S&D 1.4
Ad-Aware SE Personal 1.6

Any thoughts gratefully recieved

  andrew-196854 18:54 09 Oct 2005

what system are you running ie pentium 4 or amd how much memory etc

  Forum Editor 19:12 09 Oct 2005

this CPU useage figure applies only when Counterspy is running a scan? In which case, schedule the scan for a time when you aren't doing anything - each evening when you're eating for example.

  Ancient Learner 21:33 09 Oct 2005

As FE suggests, I find that CounterSpy's scan effectively stops all else working, even its update seems to get in the way; however, it is a comfort to know it is there!

  smy13 23:33 09 Oct 2005

It's happening constantly usage, spikes from 5% to 100% every 2 seconds or so. Looking around the CounterSpy Forums SunBelt are aware they have an issue, the unofficial advice at the minute is turn of the Active protection and just use CounterSpy for manual scans. Seems a shame that a great piece of software has been compromised for some of SunBelt's customer. However I sure that if past performance is anything to go on they'll put out a fix ASAP

  007al 23:42 09 Oct 2005

are you running counterspy and microsoft beta together? if so,theyre effectively the same program(microsoft bought sunbelt i think).this could be why you`re having so much cpu usage.

  Number 7 23:54 09 Oct 2005

I have CounterSpy and the new version was using 100% CPU time on my machine as well.

I solved it as follows:

1. Uninstall CounterSpy by using the add/remove programs located under the control panel.

2. Restart the computer.

Now delete the following directory C:\Program Files\Sunbelt Software\CounterSpy Client, by following the directions below.

1. Right click on Start then left click explore.

2. Find the c:\ drive (local c) and left click on it.

3. Find Program Files and click on it.

4. Find Sunbelt Software and click on it.

5. Find CounterSpy and click on it.

6. Right click on the Consumer folder and left click delete. Click ok.

Now you will need to go back to the c:\ drive (local c)

1. Find Documents and Settings and left click on it.

2. Find your user name and click on it.

3. Find Local Settings and click on it.

4. Find Application Data and click on it.

5. Find Sunbelt Software and click on it.

6. Right click on CounterSpy and left click on delete.

7. Close Windows Explorer.

Restart your pc.

You have now successfully removed CounterSpy 1.5 from your system.

Now click here

It's the direct download for CounterSpy 1.5.77.

Install it, and all should be okay.

  smy13 23:56 09 Oct 2005

but I've never had this problem before both have seemed to co exist quite happily

  Number 7 00:02 10 Oct 2005

Use either CounterSpy or Microsoft AntiSpyware for real-time protection- not both.

  smy13 08:05 10 Oct 2005

Thanks I'll try this work around tonite & let you know how I go on Cheers

  smy13 19:21 10 Oct 2005

"Can you try the following to resolve your problem!
Shutdown CounterSpy and browse to the following location c:\documents and settings\your username\local settings\application data\sunbelt software\CounterSpyOn the file named SunProtectionData right click and select open with notepad. Delete all information in this file and click file - Save.
Re Open CounterSpy and this should stop the high CPU utilization"

Above is the reply from Sunbelt so I've tried this first, however i'm still getting spikes at 25% CPU usage so I'm going to try Number 7's solution. Brings back the old saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it"

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