Countdown timer

  Jarvo 20:52 08 Mar 2004


I would like to put a countdown timer on a site Iam building that counts down the time from visitors current time to a known date and time in dd/hh/mm format. just cant find any info anyone got any ideas?

Many thanks in advance


  Taran 22:06 08 Mar 2004

Go to Google click here and use this as your search query:

javascript countdown

You'll get more returns than you know what to do with for scripts that display a day/date/time of an event that is approaching which counts down by the second on your page while your cisitors are looking at it.

  Jarvo 19:47 09 Mar 2004


sorry if it seemed a daft question but I am in the middle of three assighnments and I tend to go off a wandering if I do a web search, also was not sure if java script was the best solution

Many thanks again


Ps when are they promoting you to deputy FE? ;o)

  jgosden 20:05 09 Mar 2004

click here

click here

i think that is what you want!

  jgosden 20:05 09 Mar 2004

i agree you really should be promoted to deputy fe

  Taran 21:00 09 Mar 2004

Well thanks [I think] for the thought, but no thanks at the same time.

Our current FE does a sterling job on his own and long may that continue.

Even if there was such a position as a deputy FE, believe me when I say this, I'm the LAST person you'd want doing it. I'm the last person I'd want doing it anyway.

I can guarantee from the outset that I'd be woefully unsuited to FEing. I've not got the temperament [or the inclination].

I'm off for a lie down before I start having nightmares about it.

I'm sure the mere prospect would scare the PCA staff and probably half the site members almost as much as it would me.

Nope - I'll stick to answering questions, thanks.

Far less complicated and, I suspect, a lot more fun.


  jgosden 21:36 09 Mar 2004

point made, but you seem to answer a lot of questions. however FEing probably isn't as easy as it looks (and i'm not saying it looks easy)

  PurplePenny 23:59 09 Mar 2004

That's 'cos' our Mr T is the one that knows the answers :-) Now me, I look at the questions and think "Paaaaaaaniiiic! I hope Taran gets here soon!". We'd be lost without him. We'd be lost without FE too.


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