Could you tell me where is the only 40m windows??

  aeolus 01:59 01 Apr 2003

I am from china .I known this message from chinese made by a 67older man .who can tell me where I can find it?thankyou...we are friends..

  Djohn 02:07 01 Apr 2003

This is not part of the PCA magazine, but the man you need to contact is this one.

click here

Click on the blue link, and it will take you to the post.

Then click on the yellow envelope next to the name of flecc, a window will come up, type your question into the window and the e-mail will go to flecc. he will reply to you if you give him your e-mail address. J.

  aeolus 05:23 01 Apr 2003


  flecc 12:49 01 Apr 2003

Strewth! and SPEEDOS details were published on the PCA site as information for it's restricted membership, but someone has unfortunately released it to the open internet without seeking permission. This has resulted in many people being misled since the information openly reported was incomplete and inaccurate.

It didn't make clear that, for the performance stated, Strewth! had to be created individually in each computer, no installation would be possible at that small size. It also didn't make it clear that the high performance Strewth! has to be run within the HyperOS program and in a Hyperdrive version which is expensive software, the equivalent of 280 dollars at least in Britain. The CD that went to a limited number of known 98SE owners for testing was for a 127 mb installation, not this version, and my individually built system is now at 29.5 mb total so the unauthorised release is inaccurate about the size as well.

Since Microsoft software is not open source, the PCA thread has been locked and no CDs, ISOs or downloads are freely available since Microsoft rightly aren't tolerating an open issue of one of their operating systems. I'm sorry about this but I have no option.

There is no Quick Creation document for this system.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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