Could a USB mouse and keyboard crash my pc

  erkmatrix 16:37 11 Oct 2007

Having problem after problem with this new computer, it kept crashing, blue screen, mouse cursor freezing, on games would just crash and restart itself. So it went back and the manufacturer said it had been tested and nothing was found, so they said they would rebuild it, only it got returned yesterday and with 3 mins had crashed again and does exactly the same thing. Which made me think maybe its the mouse or keyboard I am using, both are USB, the mouse being a Logitech 400 high performance corded laser mouse and the keyboard is an ultra flat Labtec corded.

I thought it maybe the drivers of the mouse and keyboard are conflicted somehow with my new PC, so have this morning got the 32bit driver software of setpoint from Logitech and downloaded this keyboard software from Labtec.

No it still crashes with the new drivers. Am trying now a ps2 connection mouse and keyboard of my brothers and hasn't crashed yet but hasn't been on long with it. Still sounds weird if it usb connection thats causing it to crash doesn't it.

Is that possible for it to be the usb mouse or keyboard thats doing it.

  keef66 17:10 11 Oct 2007

It is certainly possible for a keyboard / mouse to crash a pc. It's also possible for various usb devices to do the same.

If the ps2 devices work ok then you have probably found the cause of the crashes, but you won't know if it's the pc's usb setup or the kb / mouse that's at fault.

Does the usb kit work if you uninstall the Logitech and Labtec drivers and let windows use it's default drivers? (you won't get all the bells and whistles working, but it would point to a driver issue if the windows default drivers don't crash it)

  woodchip 17:35 11 Oct 2007

If you have USB pluged into front USB, the USB panel may be faulty. I had a Faulty one on my Medion Desktop. It stopped the PC booting

  erkmatrix 21:13 11 Oct 2007

No its not just the front usb ports its crashes on woodchip, I thought it could be that but it crashes on the back ones too.


no it originally crashed without the drivers and still crashes with the setpoint and the labtec.

computers are now doing my head in with all the weird things that keep going wrong.

  keef66 10:35 12 Oct 2007

how is it going with the ps2 kb/mouse?

  Probabilitydrive 11:01 12 Oct 2007

you write 'the manufacturer said it had been tested and nothing was found..' and continue with '..and with 3 Min's had crashed again...'.

Any testing carried out on a system should definitely exceed 3 minutes. I would get in touch with the manufacturer to double-check what exactly they have tested and for how long.

unfortunately, a PC being returned to the manufacturer does not automatically mean they have doe a thorough job. I had a dead PC shipped back and forth to a manufacturer 4 times !! Each time they claimed the fault had been rectified.

When finally it arrived the last time, I switched it on and it worked!.....for about 4 minutes, then a not secured cable got caught in the fan of the graphic card. Dead ever since and my confidence in manufacturers claiming 'no fault found' is severely shaken.

  DieSse 11:32 12 Oct 2007

Something as simple as a stuck key on a keyboard (USB or PS2) can crash a system. A constant stream of inputs will crash it.

Beg or borrow another k/b and mouse to test. Try yours on another system too.

  erkmatrix 11:55 12 Oct 2007

Heres the update, borrowed my brothers as I said and it never crashed all afternoon, went out this morning and bought a PS2 mouse and keyboard. All seemed OK again the I clicked on Microsoft help and support from the start menu and got the blue screen and it restarted itself. the error report when it said the system has suffered from a serious error said something about a Mini101207-01.dmp file and a sysdata.xml whatever they are. It certainly doesn't crash as often.

My USB mouse and keyboard are fine working on another windows XP machine so its something in the PC that doesn't like them on my new PC

  erkmatrix 14:12 12 Oct 2007

No it just crashed again , tends to do it a lot when you click on something in yahoo mail, using firefox just freezes the mouse pointer and you have to reboot it. with my new Ps2 keyboard and mouse so that rules them out of been the cause

Don't know what else to try now to be honest. If the manufacturer says there was nothing wrong with it so they rebuilt it apart from the hard drive as all the games I had on there were still on there then it could be my hard drive thats causing it. does that sound likely. There is my monitor but it works fine with my old computer and doesn't crash it.

  jam500 15:22 12 Oct 2007

Try a program called Anticrash, I have had my pc crashing all the time for no reason what so ever lately, Downloaded the trial version which lets you use it 20 times and it never crashed again so i bought it for under £15. Just type it in the search bar and it should be there.

  woodchip 16:07 12 Oct 2007

Try this, right click on Desktop Properties\Settings\Advanced on Graphics Acceleration move the slider down a notch at a time and test. Not saying it will work but just test it

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