Could sticking to Microsoft Be your Downfall

  woodchip 13:40 16 Jan 2004

Check this out and read between the lines click here Just with a view to some worthwhile feed back

  woodchip 13:47 16 Jan 2004

As a starter I use Win98 now as it were obsolete from Microsoft point of view. But did not have a Problem with MSBlast worm as this was targeted at XP etc. Instead of MS Office I use WordPerfect 2002 that does not have Macro's running all the time, only when needed to use Templates Macros another Virus target. I use Netscape 7 less of a Target than IE and Outlook Express all these are what the masses use. If you was a Virus writer who would you target???????

PS I am not running MS down or trying to, just trying to make a point.

  woodchip 14:31 16 Jan 2004


  Terrahawk 14:57 16 Jan 2004

dont think it will be my downfall but iam sure it will contribute to more lost hair in the years to come

  zanwalk 15:12 16 Jan 2004

Very interesting, thanks woodchip.

  zanwalk 15:12 16 Jan 2004

Very interesting, thanks woodchip.

  Bacon & Eggs 15:57 16 Jan 2004

Interesting yes... but then we all know that the sweaty socially inept closet-anarchist, er, dweebs that write viruses are interested in the maximum strike rate possible and thus the highest number of potential targets.

Possible parallels:

1: why is a lot of spam for "v1agra" and other products ostensibly targeted at men? Because we're supposed to be stupid... and because more of us are likely to go for it (I suspect) than women responding to ads for "l1pstick". (Note: I'm actually saying women are brighter than the average guy here, before I get feminist-bashed.)

2: why does Hotmail have the 'best' security? Because most people who have hotmail accounts know nothing about computers, viruses, etc. Simple maths: Most members x Least recognition of possible danger = highest effects of malicious program. Bingo.

As a footnote, I use Opera at home, with firewall, and have a variety of email accounts - most of which are from minor or even foreign providers - I speak French which helps a lot here. Moral of the story being: Avoid the crowd and stay safer.

Just a thought... if Linux suddenly became the OS used by maybe 30% of PCs... does anyone share my opinion that the slimeballs would find a way to walk into it a heck of a lot easier than Windows? I have to suspect that this is the case...

  Bacon & Eggs 16:04 16 Jan 2004

think maybe now i should do a little work...rant over.. :op

  Glyn-252301 16:41 16 Jan 2004

Its a well known fact that diversity is one of the reasons that Creation is so successful. Using that as an illustration serves well the points you make about your choice of software. I to have chosen to stay off the popular edge and have benefited greatly. Its an interesting article you highlight and one day we may in retrospect find it valid.
Regards G.

  Gaz 25 17:14 16 Jan 2004

I use linux for some tasks.

but windows works fine for tasks that linux cannot do. Such as opening files that are windows specific, or ruuning DX9 games.

  Chegs ® 17:22 16 Jan 2004

Virus writers target M$ machines,due to the fact that...

a)M$ are always insisting there is no problem with their software

b)More pc's use M$ software than anything else available,due to its ease of use.Virus writers want the biggest bang for their efforts.

I attempted to change over to Linux rather than cough up more cash for XP+ newer hardware that can operate in XP,but gave up due to the steep learning curve,and Linux drivers aren't available for some hardware that wouldn't work in XP either.

I did read something somewhere about "since XP's intro,Linux users have increased,but so did the number of Linux viruses about" just not in proportion to the increased Linux population.

Diversity in software is a lower security risk,for the reasons stated,but finding software that does the same job as the mainstream stuff can be difficult,especially if you encounter problems with it,as finding another user who knows howto fix the problem can be impossible.

I have Office 2000 and OfficeXP,and Open Office,and other office apps,but as I rarely use office apps,when Open Office took a dislike to my puter I couldn't find anyone to ask howto fix it.As a result,I dont install it anymore(any office apps)until I need it,then remove it afterwards.This isn't practical for say a business.I still remember being told(when I suggested Linux as a way for local councils to save cash )that Linux was the spawn of the devil and wouldn't "do" the job of their expensive M$ software.

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