Could someone please rate my site

  jg1990 20:11 08 Feb 2004

Hi, I've recently set up a website, could someone rate it for me, bearing in mind it isnt quite finished yet.
click here

Many Thanks


  jgosden 20:54 08 Feb 2004


2) get rid of the left side bar having a gradiant which does that looks bad.

Web Design is not a competition to make really complicated sites and fill them, actually the best sites can be the simple ones. Yes there are loads of little problems that need removing BUT I would go back to the design and simplify it.

DO something original,

click here, it would look better if you made something original rather than copying just not as well.

If I have been a bit critical I'm sorry I was just trying to advise you on perhaps reworking the site with your own ideas and graphics!!!

Take a look at some other sites for inspiration but don't COPY them

  soy 21:25 08 Feb 2004

Ease up on the graphics.

I'm using broadband and I can literally see each image loading one by one, which is a bit annoying.

  jg1990 21:29 08 Feb 2004

Thanks for your replies.

I have been thinking of redesigning it for a while, now I definately will.

  jg1990 21:31 08 Feb 2004

What software would you use for creating another site. For my current one I used MS Publisher.

Which do you recommend?

Many Thanks


  jgosden 21:36 08 Feb 2004


dreamweaver frontpage or netobjects

or better still learn HTML and use an HTML editor

maybe thats just me but i make all my sites in raw HTML because i prefer it...

all work fine...

wclick here -- my website was all made using raw html

  Forum Editor 01:04 09 Feb 2004

is an obvious copy of another company's site, and that's not on I'm afraid.

Microsoft Publisher is about the worst software to use if you want a professional-looking site, and its HTML is horrendous. If I were you I would invest in one of the programs suggested by jgosden, and come up with a completely new look for your site. The results will be worth it, but spend time designing the layout on paper before you start.

Nowadays it isn't at all necessary to learn how to hand-code HTML, modern software can do the job much faster and just as efficiently. It's always handy to be able to tweak your code by hand though, so by all means learn it if you want to.

  Gaz 25 01:11 09 Feb 2004

Publisher, as said is baddddd...

I personally would not buy from a web-design company who uses publisher.

I would only buy from someone who knows how to use the latest frontpage, DreamWeaver and Namo webeditor, becuase they are the only ones to get pro results, and some of the even more stunning websites are hand written.

  Talented Monkey 12:58 09 Feb 2004

If you take anything from another site, there are plenty of issues of copyright which arise such as original work for images. To make this plagiarism worse, your attempts at copying the site is diabolical.

If you are incapable of designing something reasonable and original for yourself, then what chance have you got doing it for a living.

This just backs up my theory that there are more cowboys out there passing themselves of as web design/development companies because they can knock up a few mediocre pages using an editor in a few seconds from their bedroom, on top of affording to pay a small fee each month for a reseller account of course..

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with setting up a business from home on a shoe string budget, after all that’s how all the great businessmen and companies started life, Marks and Spencer’s, Richard Branson for example. Its just that you have to have the ability and skill in the first place, something which is lacking with some.

  jgosden 13:45 09 Feb 2004

yeah they'll all right i thought i had said another above so didn't mension how rubbish publisher is at programming websites. If you reaslly want to set up as a business tyhen you should buy a top program and learn it and also I think that professional web designers should take the time to learn HTML maybe just my oppinion,

please post back here with your desition

  jg1990 17:33 09 Feb 2004

Thanks for all you replies. I have started on a new design using Frontpage.

Thanks for all you comments/critiscm. I wasn't aware of the copyright thing as I'm only 13.

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