Could someone please explain (web hosting)

  saint bernard 18:50 19 Aug 2004

I'm needing to buy some web space for a site I am doing. I understand pretty much everything that the companies advertise apart from how much band width/data transfer I need.

The way they explain it has got me totally confused. Can anybody help please? I would not expect to get more than 5000 visitors to the site per month

Thanks Alex

  Talented Monkey 19:16 19 Aug 2004

Every time someone visits a web page their browser downloads the HTML code , or other type, to the visitors own PC, along with all the graphic images etc. Let us assume that a index.html page and all its associated images comes to 50kb , 50kb of data would have passed from the server your site is hosted to the visitors PC.

Now if you have 100 people visit that page, then the data will have to be sent another 100 times, thus making a total of 100x50kb = 500kb. This is what is known as Bandwidth, the amount of data sent from the server you are hosted on to all your visitors.

In above example 5000 visitors will use up 250,000 kb or 244MB. High volume traffic sites do best to have popular pages graphics and pictures optimised as best as possible and limited to what is shown to help cut down bandwidth. Keep those large images or movies to separate pages/links to help preserve precious bandwidth

Hope this helps.

  Talented Monkey 19:19 19 Aug 2004

yes i did leave a nought off!

100x50kb should be 5000kb NOT 500kb!

  saint bernard 19:37 19 Aug 2004

Thanks for the explanation. Now why couldn't the web sites I've looked at explain it like this <grin>

  Forum Editor 23:25 19 Aug 2004

base their packages on a maximum monthly bandwidth consumption - usually around 1Gb for a basic package. Additional consumption is billable at an incremental rate, and if you habitually break the bandwidth limit by large amounts it can be very expensive indeed.

Apart from Talented Monkey's advice there's another way of keeping bandwidth consumption down, and it's one that often goes un-mentioned. Think carefuly about your site structure - is it really necessary to send visitors on a round trip through several pages before they get to see your privacy statement for example? In making the journey they'll download all those pages they didn't need to see, and up goes the bandwidth consumption - only by a small amount, but lots of littles can make a large.

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