Could someone help me find a laptop!

  Sapphira C 22:12 10 Aug 2009

As a matter of great urgency I need to buy a laptop/notebook. I need it to have:

• 15 “ screen
• Built in webcam
• Microphone or do they automatically come built in if there is a built in webcam?)
• Intel Core 2 Duo
• No less than 2 GB memory
• 250 GB Hard Drive
• Vista
• Good screen resolution (will be loading lots of photos and short videos)
• DVD & RW Drive
• DVD player
• Wireless network
• Built in sound card and speakers
• High speed USB2 ports
• Analogue Modem
• TV out
• Memory card ready

Now, is all that too much to expect for not more than £400 inclusive of VAT?

Oh, and how easy would it be for me to get a Greek keyboard. I understand this would be extra but would it be easy to come across over here in UK?

Any idea what I should look at and where I should go either on High Street or internet?

I think you can tell that I am an amateur and have had to look what I may need! So, what do you think have I missed anything?

Any little bit of info or advice would be wonderful.

Thanks so much

  Forum Editor 18:00 11 Aug 2009

I think you can forget the TV out at that price level.

Secondly, all new laptops come automatically equipped with a wireless network adapter.

click here might suit your needs, although it exceeds your budget figure.

I have not come across any laptops with Greek keyboards, although you can buy sets of key stickers fairly easily.

  Sapphira C 18:33 11 Aug 2009

Dear Editor

Thank you for your feedback. I think somewhere along the line I have misunderstood what TV ‘out’ means. So, I can happily remove that from my tick list.

Coincidentally, I did source a supplier of Greek Alpha/numeric stickers yesterday and they should be with me in the next few day.

Incidentally, could you tell me if there are any requirements for using a laptop brought over from Greece to use in UK. Is there anything more to it than using a UK mains adaptor? Can it simply be plugged in and the internet and emails immediately accessible?

I shall now get down to checking out your suggestion.

Thanks again for answering my query. I only discovered your website and forum last night and have already spread the word.



  lotvic 21:13 11 Aug 2009

Double post - please reply on other thread as it already has more replies click here

Sapphira C please don't double post with same query as it gets confusing.

Please tick this and click on Resolved.

  Sapphira C 22:14 11 Aug 2009

Yes, I'm sorry. I did apologise on the other thread but I couldn't find this one to do the same on!

  lotvic 22:55 11 Aug 2009

Thanks for green ticking resolved :)

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