Could a PSU blowing cause SDD drive to do this

  erkmatrix 10:03 22 Jan 2011

I'm still having a complete computer nightmare. Started when my PSU in my (1 year old) PC powered up then instantly shut off and wouldn't work again. I replaced the PSU and for 2 weeks it worked fine. Then I started getting the windows 7 loading circle on nearly every task I did, then it would sometimes just freeze or reboot, to the point of then getting stuck on the ASUS Express Gate screen and the windows loading screen. I thought it might be a virus so formated the hard drive and reinstalled Windows 7, again ok for a week then it did it again.

I yesterday had to reinstall again, this time on a different hard drive, its working again for now.

My question is could this be because of the PSU blowing that it damaged somehow my SDD drive or does it sound more likely to be a very clever virus that is somehow stored in the memory or my router and keeps reinfecting my machine.

  gengiscant 10:33 22 Jan 2011

It sounds very much like a hardware fault and apart from the few details you have posted.
Changed PSU from what to what?
Its an Asus mobo, which model?
SSD make-model-size?
Ram make-type-size?
You might as well add your GPU. Just to get a full picture.
You have now install Windows 7 on another drive, what type-size-has the problem occurred again?

Any error messages?
Do you get BSOD's if so what error codes?

  erkmatrix 11:04 22 Jan 2011


My PSU was originally a Corsair CMPSU-650TX 650W and was replaced with a 750TX 750W

Yeah Asus mobo is Asus P6T SE Motherboard
SSD is the Intel X25-M
RAM is 6GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz C9 Triple Channel
Intel Core i7 920 Overclocked to 3.8GHz
Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium OEM
24x Sony DVD RW
Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme CPU Cooler
ATCS 840 Case in silver

Right another thing I also need to add to which might help explain. I had a Samsung F3 drive also installed for storage when the PSU blew and I installed this into an old PC whilst I got my main PC back up and running with a new PSU. This same problem of the freezing loading screen happened on the old PC with my Samsung drive attached and then it failed to see the drive after I reboot it when it froze.

So yeah it has happened on both old machine with the Samsung F3 drive and now on my main PC with my SDD drive, both drives where in the machine when the PSU blew. But I didn't think it had affected them at first as they worked for a while. I started to think it must of been a virus on the Samsung drive because that had been in both machines. But with it still crashing on reinstalls on my new PC when I hadn't attached the Samsung drive made me think it might be something to do with hardware fault.

With my Windows 7 machine and the SDD drive, I can't really remember exact errors, but had a blue screen and it rebooted, then said a disk error occurred press ctrl alt and delete, had lots of going very slow to do things, and freezes when it just got stuck on opening outlook or something easy like a new firefox tab.

  erkmatrix 11:08 22 Jan 2011

Forgot to put yeah, I have it now on a western digital raptor 300GB and it was only yesterday, seems to be running ok but as i say it worked fine on the sdd after a reinstall for 2 weeks then 1 week after a reinstall again so time will tell I guess.

  gengiscant 11:45 22 Jan 2011

You need to stop automatic restart after a BSOD follow this click here that way you can note down the error code and message.
Go into the Bios and turn off the Express gate nonesense,you will find it in the tools menue of the bios.
It might well be a faulty ram issue you might want to run this click here

Have you tried your SSD drive without the F3 as the problem may well be with the F3 drive?

Basically its going to be a bit of trial and error to try and pinpoint which bit of kit is causing the bother.
I have a similar set up as yourself and have had problems myself to sort.But all is working great now.

  erkmatrix 11:59 22 Jan 2011

Hi again, cheers for the links.

Oh right, yeah just checked what ASUS Express Gate actually is, sounds like not really anything I'd miss, so I'll turn it off. Where would I turn it off in the BIOS, not tried it yet just wondered if you knew.

I haven't tried Memtest but I did run a windows memory test thing and it said the memory was fine, I'll try with your link too then.

Oh Yes the F3 drive I no longer have in my machine now, just been testing with the SSD in, all my storage stuff is backuped too on an external drive.

Yeah computers are great when they work but when something like this goes wrong and it can take so long to pin-point what it is that's causing it, its very annoying. The old PC seems to be running ok since the F3 was detached though.

Another thing with the main windows 7 PC I did notice, it did with my SSD drive attached but doesn't do it now with the Raptor drive, don't know if this is any help but I did notice an amber light come on my router when I turned the PC off which is usually was always on green. very strange. it connected to the net ok and was green when the pc was on, just came on when I shut down.

I just hope it isn't a pesky virus. Do you think it could be a virus hiding in my router

  gengiscant 12:12 22 Jan 2011

No I do not think it is a virus in your router.
As for Express Gate, I mentioned in my second post how to stop it.

So does not look like a problem with the F3.

What set up have you now, is it Raptor you are booting from or your SSD?

I would make sure that automatic restarts are turned off(first link)then put your SSD in as the boot drive and run it till you get a BSOD, take a note of the error code and message,post back.

  erkmatrix 13:21 22 Jan 2011

Oh yeah thanks, must of missed that line about the tools menu.

My set up now is just having the raptor connected with the OS on that, no SDD

The SDD drive doesn't boot at all yesterday, it just gets stuck on the windows loading screen, only ever had it crash once with a blue screen that was yesterday morning, most of the time it just freezes and nothing happens just the spinning windows loading circle.

I'll test it out with the raptor drive for a bit and then see if it happens with this, then if it doesn't happen it is probably going to be the SDD fault isn't it. I don't think I can be bothered reinstalling windows 7 onto the SDD drive again and did notice it took ages to instal last time with lots of re tries when it failed on me, I'm just hoping it is this that's at fault, it seemed much quicker to install windows 7 yesterday onto the raptor drive.

  gengiscant 13:34 22 Jan 2011

It certainly seems more likely that you have a faulty SSD drive.
I think I would,if it were me,to give the SSD one last try,format then reinstall Windows,see how it goes.

  erkmatrix 12:42 24 Jan 2011

So it worked for a while on Friday with my Western Digital Raptor 300GB drive with my OS Windows 7 64-bit on. I didn't use over the weekend and turned on this morning to have it again just stick on the loading windows screen, I restarted it and it went into disk check c drive so I let it do that and it got stuck at 57% stage 2 of 3 and restarted only for it to say it needed to check disk again, same thing happened so next time I pressed a key to skip that, it managed to load but again very very slow again. I put in my windows 7 disk and did a repair on windows startup and it came back and much faster again.

I don't know if it rules out a virus problem but this Raptor drive hasn't been used before for a couple of years and completely formatted with a fresh windows 7 installed on it. So if it is a virus its hiding in the router or memory and re infecting.

I tried to see if it was the memory and took out 2 of the 3 sticks to begin with and tried all 3 each on their own, made no difference though.

So I found that stabilty test that my computer manufacturer suggested from and used the double processor one orthos, it ran for over an hour with the top processor running after a while a couple of tests behind the bottom one, I then left it so don't know exactly which test it crashed in but when I came back in, it had blued screened. I had earlier turned off windows 7 automatic restart so was able to write down the error it came up with.

Blue Screen Error

It said it was internal power error
***STOP: 0X000000A0 (0X0000000000000009, 0XFFFFFFFFC0000185, 0X0000000000000001, 0X0000000000000000

Physical Memory Dump FAILED with status 0XC0000185

It then when I tried to restart again got stuck on windows loading and this time when I tried to use the windows 7 disk to repair said that windows cannot repair this computer automatically error code = 0X45d

I don't know what all this means, does it make anything clearer to you to as what is wrong with the PC.

  gengiscant 13:00 24 Jan 2011

Its a hardware problem but I am at a loss to what to suggest other than to get someone to have a look at it.

Your error code and message points to a problem with here other than that I am sorry I can not be of more help.

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