"Could not load RichEdit control DLL.- - - - - "

  Jerry Atrick 06:37 07 Jan 2003
  Jerry Atrick 06:37 07 Jan 2003

I am fairly ignorant of the technical side of computer software. I get this pop up message when I am using WORD 2000.

"Could not load RichEdit control DLL.RICHED20.DLL may be missing or corrupt"

I think to myself how did I delete that,then perhaps the message was put there by a virus.Has any one else had this problem? and what can be done about it? If a well informed IT expert offers me help please bear in mind that advice will only help if is simple and step by step. Many thank for bothering to read this and grateful thanks in advance if you can help.

  JoeC 08:31 07 Jan 2003
  Gerry Atrick 04:44 09 Jan 2003

I did Start>run>sfc
In sfc where it asked for one file from instal disc I entered "windows\system\riched20.This opened Extract File window.
Where I have to enter 'Restore from' then 'Browse'
So many options were offered I was unable to decide. I tried a few and got message file not found select correct restore from locatiomn.
What should I have typed in the boxes
Restore from----?
Save file in----?
I would appreciate if some expert could talk me through this step by step.Thanks for trying to understand what I am on about and taking the trouble to help me out.

  powerless 06:15 09 Jan 2003
  powerless 06:21 09 Jan 2003

Sorry i should have said if you click here although it does not mention word 2000 and only mentions wordpad. It should still work...

At the bottom there is a link "129605 How to Extract Original Compressed Windows Files" will tell you how to do it, its very easy...

P.S. If the link above does not work click here

  powerless 06:25 09 Jan 2003
  JoeC 09:11 09 Jan 2003

( and to be on the safe side !! ) also run an up to date virus scan as the Yaha virus can throw up a message along the lines of " the RichEdit Controll DLL could not be found " - courtesy of Symantec website. : }

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