..could it be I need more RAM?

  bboss 10:44 14 Nov 2008


*constant whirring noise

*'This program not responding' this message appears on absolutely ANYTHING I try to use.

* Even unable to start conversation on MSN Messenger...it goes into whirring mode and produces big, fat timer symbol which hovers forever and ever until I go to Task Manager ... which then advises me 'This program not responding'!!!!

*unable to open exsisting photo files in either of my graphics programs. (Photodraw v2 and Serif PhotoPlus 9)

Could all of the above be because I need more RAM and if so, advice please on where to, how to, etc etc
PC scanning at this precise moment with AVG...(although timed for scheduled scan at 7am!!) Now 11.30am!!! still whirring!!!
I am going out for a while before I lob the complete laptop over the balcony!!
Believe me, any advice will be so appreciated!

  bremner 10:56 14 Nov 2008

It would have helped if you had given the spec of the machine.

RAM and O/S

  bboss 13:33 14 Nov 2008

Bremner, Thanks for your response. I hope the details I have written below can help...

Microsoft Windows XP
Home edition V.2002
Service pack 2

Acer Inc
Acer System
Intel (R) Celeron(R)M
processor 1500MHz
1.50GHz 240MB of RAM

reading from Task Mananger graph now:
cpu usage 11% - 31%
OF usage 442 MB

Handles 12334
Threads 512
Processes 51

Physical memory (K)
Total 244144
Available 49816
System Cache 75620

Commit Charge (K)
Total 453136
Limit 599884
Peak 460928

Kernel Memory (K)
Total 59404
Paged 52772
Nonpaged 6632

  bremner 16:50 14 Nov 2008

You have 256MB of RAM of which 16MB is being used by the on board graphics.

There would be a noticeable improvement in performance if you could increase your RAM.

Go to Crucial click here and run its scanner. It will tell you what RAM updates your machine could take.

  lofty29 19:27 14 Nov 2008

I am no expert but it sounds to me as if due to shortage of RAM modules it is constantly swapping with hard drive, would have said that you need at least 500mb for what you are running. I have xp on a PC and I have 1gb.

  bremner 19:46 14 Nov 2008

The problem bboss is going to face is whether their motherbpoard can take much more RAM - running the Crucial scan will confirm how much if any can be added.

  bluto1 21:57 14 Nov 2008

Could that whirring noise be a (faulty) fan?
How loud is it? How long has it been going on? Have you opened up the computer and then switched on the power to see if you find the source of the whirring? If it's a fan it'll need replacing soonest or some component is going to suffer.

  octal 22:14 14 Nov 2008

I had exactly the same spec computer at work as you have and it did exactly the same, the whirring noise is probably the fan on the processor working overtime. Because it's short on memory then it's having to use the hard drive to swap data backwards and forwards which makes the processor work hard. I cured it by increasing the RAM to 1.2G which made a tremendous difference to the speed and reduced the noise.

  bboss 22:17 14 Nov 2008

Bremner. I did the Crucial scan (thanks for the link) and with so much information on screen I went to print it out. I then got the whirring sound.... and a 'This program is not responding' message. Foiled again!! Bear with me.... I will not let this beat me! I shall run another scan in a moment or two when I have found some more valium!!

  Joe R 22:24 14 Nov 2008


another to try, would be to go to start-run type in msconfig and press enter. go to startup, and untick all except you anti-virus, firewall and malware programs. Click on apply and reboot.

  bboss 22:29 14 Nov 2008

That's an encouraging message octal.. thank you. Am just about to run another scan and get the details. (The strangest things are happening to my pc tho'..p'raps I should start a different thread to discover why I have lost my Windows Live Messenger!!! even the icons have disappeared - and I can't download it. Keeps telling me Windows Live Suite Code Ox80070052 -The directory or file cannot be created.) Jeez! What next?

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